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Kiln dried firewood burning in fireplace smallThe price of firewood is always part of the consideration in buying firewood. Price is always a consideration in any purchase decision. Other factors the quality, service and or performance of the product. and the second part of it is to balance it with two other factors. the true measured amount of wood delivered and the quality of the firewood. From our experience and reports from out customers there is a difference in the quality factors. Here at we are focused on a fair price for what we supply and the service we provide but we are not the cheapest price for firewood. Many firewood suppliers do know all the variables involved in the factors that go into the price of selling firewood and take advantage of the things you can not see. You very well may not realize what is not there when you get your delivery of firewood for the fireplace. You may not get as much wood as you expect and you may get a whole lot more water in the wood that has not been removed. The point is the price is not always everything and as with many other things when it is hard to measure things it is time for the buyer to be aware.

What you can not see when you price firewood

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we cannot currently provide stacking services we will resume when closer contact is safe.

The unseen factors in quality firewood are numerous and should all be considered in your buying decision so you get wood that lights easily, burns well and provides a lot of heat. All the items below add up to quality kiln dried firewood and you should think about it because we take care of all these variables for you.

  1. Quantity ordered vs. Quantity delivered
  2. Moisture content of the wood
  3. Heating Efficiency kiln dried wood is 3 times hotter
  4. "Seasoned" wood is not a measure it can be a very subjective term
  5. The dumped pile of seasoned wood vs Stacked Kiln dried wood
  6. Piled wood you can not measure, stacked wood you can easily measure
  7. Wood stored outdoors vs Wood kiln dried and stored indoors
  8. What the storage yard looks like muddy vs. Indoors
  9. What the source of the wood is
  10. Possible insect infestation kiln dried has none
  11. Species of wood in the mix that is delivered
  12. Size the wood is split to not huge chunks or too small - just right (goldy locks)
  13. Waste random sizes vs. consistent sizes in our kiln dried wood
  14. Consistent length the wood is cut to - no short
  15. Seasoned wood supply runs out Our supply is available all year round
  16. Supply and demand for alternative use of the cut trees such as for power, furniture or flooring

Seasoned firewood prices in the Boston area can fluctuate a lot based on supplies and how cold the winter is. How the firewood supplier deals with the factors above and measures the wood to be delivered to you all effect the price. We are not selling seasoned wood but we hear that the prices quoted for seasonded wood delivered ranges from $400.00 to $500.00 per cord as a budget number. Naturaly if your are in the market for seasoned wood you would need to contact a firewood supplier that handles it.

We know and study all these factors to balance them so you get a firewood that burns well. We also take it very serious to keep a large flow of kiln dried firewood inventory on hand. Since producing more kiln dried wood is not as time dependant as seasoned wood we can react to increased demand casued by a real cold winter. Seasoned wood supplies have to figure the demand a year ahead of time or sell what ever they have even if it is not fully dried.

What you get when you buy Kiln Dried Firewood from Boston

Value, Service, a Fair Price

Firewood boy with wood small v2We are certainly not the least expensive firewood and from the customer feedback, we are not the most expensive kiln-dried firewood. The concept is fairly simple we take care of all the work so you do not have to be Paul Bunyan like we have on the front page of the website. You do have to want great burning wood and be willing to call us. We take care of all the details from there. That is why we call it concierge firewood service from "Forest to Fireplace" we take care of all the details from the tree growing in the forest until it gets to your home. It starts with 4 crews harvesting wood for multiple uses and selecting out of this stream of trees the right size species and condition of the wood to processed for firewood. Processing the firewood is cutting the selected logs to 16" lengths +/- and then split to medium sized pieces. From here on the wood is never on the bare ground again. It is loaded into the kiln heated to an interior temperature of 175 degrees to kill any insects. The moisture content is reduced to less than 20% so it buns well and then piled in an indoor shed prior to being trucked to our Firewood supply yard here in Boston.

When it gets to Boston it immediately is loaded into the warehouse to keep it dry and bundle it prior to delivery to the customer. The bundle is our basis of knowing exaclty how much wood to give the customer since each bundle is measured when it is put together. When you call for wood it is loaded on the truck and delivered to you the it is stacked where you want it. The price we quote included first floor stacking. If elevators and multiple flights of stairs are involved there will be an additional charge. The bottom live is you get quantifiable value in the firewood you get from us. We take the work out of getting firewood that lights easily, burns well, does not make a lot of smoke for a warm ambiance in you home. This site is set up to show you the product, the process of how we do what we do. So you can see for yourself. Details of what is in the price are below.

When you buy our kiln dried firewood you get the following:
  • Kiln-dried mixed native hardwoods
  • Computer monitored moisture content when in the kiln for consistency
  • Moisture content is about 20% or less not the loose term of "Seasoned" that is often streached
  • Computer-controlled with 24 hour monitorying of the drying process till the wood is optimum dry
  • Because it is dry it lights and burns well
  • More energy efficient firewood since the water has been removed
  • More BTU's in the wood
  • Less water means less smoke
  • Less smoke means cleaner air and creosote formation is minimized
  • less creosote so there are fewer chimney problems
  • Absolutely ready to burn the day it is delivered
  • Sized of wood selected to be split is uniform and straight
  • consistent quality year round we make it to the same standards
  • The kiln does the drying not quess work and the vageries of weather
  • Our Price is consistent no seasonal change based on others being out of dried wood
  • Stored indoors at all times after it leaves the kiln not in a muddy wood lot.
  • Free of dirt and mud
  • Can be stored inside
  • Bug Free the heat of the kiln kills any bugs in the wood
  • Length of our firewood. All pieces are cut as close to 16" as possible this is the only length we handle
  • Our Wood is bundled in easy to handle plastic wrapped bundles for easy of handling from your storage place to the hearth
  • Our bundles hold more wood but are still are light to handle since less water is in the wood
  • Lights easily
  • Burns brighter
  • A carbon-neutral fuel
  • A renewable resource and a by product of the lumber industry to reduce waste

firewood bundle smallSo is there value in paying more for kiln-dried wood delivered stacked (When COVID-19 restrictions are removed) where you want it all depends on your personal situation. When people burn our wood they are impressed with how it burns and the convenience. So these are the differences. There is nothing wrong with seasoned firewood it is just a different product it burns differently and is priced differently. If you are looking for full cords of wood to heat a house for the season it would make dollars and cents to consider lower-priced seasoned wood. On the opposite side of the price, scale is bundled firewood sold at a gas station that often is a bundle that is .65 cubic feet to .75 cubic feet for about 6 to $7.00 per bundle picked up at a gas station or big box store. So you carry as much as you can in your car for wood burning needs. Buying wood this way can come up to about $1,300.00 per cord of wood and you do the hauling and stacking, but again the issue is "convenience" and space.

Quantities of Firewood we sell

Based on what your firewood burning habits and amount of space you have available to store firewood we sell our kiln dried wood in the following sizes.

  • A third of a cord which would measure 8 feet wide 4 feet high and 16 inches deep resulting in about 42.66 cubic feet of firewood
  • Half a cord which would measure 4 feet wide 4 feet high and 4 feet deep resulting in 64 cubic feet of firewood
  • A full cord that measures 8 feet wide 4 feet high and 4 feet deep resulting in 128 cubic feet of firewood
  • As an experiment we are offering a quarter cord for people to test the difference or help light seasoned wood fires

For a price on kiln dried firewood stacked please do one of three things call us at 1-781-254-2773 or e-mail us from our contact page or fill out the form below and we will quickly get back to you with a price for our firewood delivered and stacked.

Firewood Request

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We proudly sell, deliver kiln-dried firewood in partial or full cord quantities. We do not handle "seasoned" firewood. It is just a different supply source and product. Our kiln-dried firewood has more a lot more water removed from the wood compared to "seasoned" firewood. Our kiln dried firewood lights easier and burns better because of our controlled and tested moisture content. Please fill out the form below or call Paul at 781-254-2773.

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