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Kiln Dried Firewood Concierge Service Boston Area

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we cannot currently provide stacking services we will resume when closer contact is safe.

Kiln Dried Firewood Concierge Service Boston Area

Kiln-dried firewood from High-quality dried wood is delivered and stacked for you in the amount you want. Not just a cord dumped by the street. So that you have a no-labor, romantic, comfortable, warm fire in the fireplace that is pleasing to watch the flickering flames and will burn well.

Firewood Concierge - Kiln Dried Firewood Delivered Boston, MA

Firewood Concierge video
Firewood Concierge service. Kiln-dried firewood from high-quality kiln-dried firewood delivered and stacked for you to have a no-labor romantic, comfortable, warm fire in the fireplace, that is...

In this video, we cover some of the important things to consider when considering who you will buy firewood from. Paul discusses some factors that set his company apart from other companies that supply firewood in the greater Boston area.

This is not just firewood cut, split, and partially seasoned. It is a consistent-sized hardwood that has been kiln-dried specifically for burning in the fireplace.

Firewood concierge service video transcript

Kiln-dried firewood by the firewood concierge. This truck does not dump

What's a firewood concierge?

We are doing things other people would have to do if they bought from another guy, perhaps. We're delivering it, we are stacking it, and we are wheeling it where they want it. Picking it up and handling it, ensuring they get everything they should get. We are taking the firewood hassle out of it.

They get the firewood over to their house, put it into the fireplace, and enjoy the fire.

Included is a bag of kindling with the delivery, and the truck is hand-unloaded

We sell premium kiln-dried firewood, which we source from quality providers in Northern New England.

What kind of Technology do they have? State-of-the-art facilities processing facility. So they can ensure consistency in the quality of what they are doing.

What is the moisture content of the wood? The moisture content in this wood is somewhere around 20%, with a high or around 25% and an average of 20%

Kiln-dried firewood in the Boston area. The firewood Concierge

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For information on the sizes and quantities of firewood we sell, here are links to more details. Click on the links below for more on the following firewood sizes that we handle:

Smaller quantities of wood are available to be picked up at our yard.  Please call first