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Dedham Massachusetts Firewood

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As of the 2010 Census, the population was 24,729, and about half that number of households is 10,191. Since most homes are built with the New England tradition of having a fireplace, there certainly is a need for firewood to warm up and relax around with a great burning fire. The town was first settled in 1636, and they wanted to name it “Contentment,” which would fit well with the feeling of having an excellent burning fire in the fireplace or stove. But history changed this, and the town was named after Dedham, Essex, in England. Since some of the original people who lived in Dedham were from Dedham, England. Here is a map of the Town of Dedham in England. These were people who had settled here from Roxbury and Watertown.

For a video tour of the namesake Dedham in England, here is a video that will show you around the area and what that area in England looks like. It is certainly easier to take the video tour, but it would be interesting actually to visit there.

Dedham has One of the Best Ten Streets in The Boston Area.

The Boston Globe has rated Woodleigh Road, Dedham, MA, as one of the best family-friendly streets in the greater Boston area. Woodleigh Road is part of the Oakdale neighborhood. There are a lot of revival colonials with fireplaces that are all looking for great fires on a cold winter night. We do bring this up in a self-interested way and hope you consider us for your firewood needs. Specifically, kiln-dried firewood is delivered to any place in Dedham.

Dedham Ma Firewood

QXX dedhamjpg crop 1466693547When you search for kiln-dried firewood near me in the town of Dedham, you can relax and know that we are located 3.5 miles from the center of Dedham. Our service is to deliver and stack the firewood for you, so we take the labor out of firewood and put the relaxation in. We are like Uber for firewood, providing concierge firewood service by handling all the details to get kiln-dried firewood from the forest to your fireplace.

We sell kiln-dried firewood in Dedham, Massachusetts, and know our way around the different neighborhoods in town. From “Precinct One” to “The Manor,” we supply homes with firewood for the fireplace that burns well and is low in smoke, so less creosote forms in the chimney. There are about 9,644 households, and over 50% of the population is Irish Catholic. In talking about the population of Dedham back in the old country of Ireland and England, great burning fires have been an exception. London had the smog-filled skies. In Ireland, there just was not a supply of trees for firewood, so they burned Peat for heat. To see how different things are done over there, look at how peat is collected and burned for heat.

Our Kiln-Dried Firewood

DSC 9300 bundled firewood dedham smallBundled firewood is easy to handle around the house and a carefully measured amount. Our kiln-dried firewood delivered in Dedham comes from logging in Northern New England, is a renewable resource, and comes from responsible forest management. Some of the wood is used for lumber, energy sources, and wood flooring produced in Canada. The straight hardwood trunks and the right diameter for firewood production are shipped from the forest to the kiln for processing. These constraints enable consistently sized and dried wood available year-round because of the large volumes stockpiled year-round. Being a suburb of Boston, many people commute to the city. They are busy, and when they get home, they want the convenience of quality dry wood delivered and stacked for them. Wood that lights easily burns brightly and creates a tremendous relaxing or romantic environment during downtime. That is what we are in business for to provide a service that takes the work out of firewood and puts the enjoyment in.

Bright Burning Fires

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Less smoking and smoldering fires so less creosote forms in the chimneyThe bottom line is that with our kiln-dried firewood, you pay more than seasoned wood and get a brighter, easier-to-light fire that gives off more warmth. We know it is hard to prove this, but here is a picture of a fire that started a minute ago and is ready to enjoy. For more information and videos on how the wood burns, check out the video on our homepage or our Boston Firewood YouTube channel.


We have a picture on the home page of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his blue ox, to refer to how much work and labor is involved in sourcing, collecting, and processing good wood for burning. The extra step of kiln drying makes our wood a consistently high-quality product. If you like the exercise involved with firewood, we respect that. If you want the work done for you so the wood is stacked in place and great burning firewood, call us. We look forward to being of service. 1-781-254-2773

Fireplace-related suppliers in Dedham Ma

Remodeling and or upgrading a room with a fireplace to create a great-looking room, you may want to design and install a new mantle that frames your great bright burning fire when burning our kiln-dried firewood. Please take a look at Dedham Cabinet Shop. They are located in Dedham, and they do mantels. They make and install mantels that fit the look you want. As they say, you can bring your ideas to life for how you want your mantel to look.

For cleaning the chimney we do not know of any chimney sweeps directly located in the town of Dedham but about 5 miles from the center of Dedham is a chimney sweep company called Down east Chimney Sweep they do have an excellent review on Google, but we do not know them directly.

Looking for the right accessories again, there is not a shop directly in Dedham, but over in Norwood, there is a company called Norwood Fireplaces, and fireplace accessories are sold at Norwood Fireplace on rt. 1

If you are buying Firewood in Dedham, see for yourself and make a comparison. Burn in your fireplace a small amount of “Seasoned firewood,” then switch over to our kiln-dried wood. It lights easier and burns brighter; there is almost no sizzling and popping, less water is heated and burned off, and substantially less smoke, meaning less soot and creosote is collecting in your chimney. Call Paul at 1-781-254-2773. See for yourself.