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campfire roasting marshmallow 350 tallSummer evenings are great times for a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

Camp Firewood

Camping and a fire at night just seem to go together, like corn on the cob and butter. We stock kiln-dried firewood that is bundled for easier delivery and handling. The fact that it is bundled and kiln-dried makes it very attractive for use as camping wood. The concern for transferring pests and disease is taken away since the wood comes from an area that is not restricted. The wood has also been heated to over 175 degrees, so no pests, fungi, or pathogens are present to be transported to a new place and cause a problem.

Sold in Partial Cords campfire roasting singgle marshmallow 400

All winter, we supply Boston area residents with wood to burn in the fireplace so they can have a pleasant evening and relax. With our firewood delivery service, we also stack the wood for the customer wherever they need it, whether at the house, apartment, townhouse, or condominium—the labor to stack wood where you want it is not included. Because many people do not have room to store a lot of wood, we sell our wood in small quantities to a quarter of a cord. This way, you only need to buy what fits in your space.

We deliver partial cords of kiln-dried wood year-round. This means that when looking for campfire wood, you can stock up on what you think you will need for the summer season campfires in the forest or at the beach and not have to worry about finding a local supply that may not burn well. We know you want to start the fire and not fight with a lot of kindling and problems. Any wood left over from camping makes a great start to burning in the fireplace in the fall and winter seasons.

Optional sizes

The standard size of our kiln-dried firewood is a piece of wood split into random sizes that are comfortable to carry and range from 3-5 inches wide. If you need other sizes, we have that also. To fit the compact Europen stoves or the small smokeless firepits, we have custom-cut lengths for almost any length divisible by 16. This is due to our standard size being 16 inches. When the wood is cut to shorter lengths, it may also need to be split into smaller pieces so it is not so chunky. We can split our pieces into smaller pieces and move into pizza cuts.

Kiln-Dried Wood

Because our wood has been dried and has never been stored outside since leaving the kiln, you will get a fire that starts easily and burns well. We will not deliver our wood in the rain. It is up to you to keep it dry until the campfire is ready. We know that is easier said than done on some rainy Spring days.

If you're looking for more than a couple of gas station bundles of wood and do not like the high price of wood sold at the campground, call Paul at 781-254-2773