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Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we cannot currently provide stacking services we will resume when closer contact is safe.

This directory of our videos is here to make it easier for visitors to find our videos in one place. Not all of them are here but most are listed below. Also on each page for the individual video, we have the text from that video. So if you do not have a chance to watch the video you can read the text of what is being said in the video. Take a lot around and please subscribe to our channel

YouTube TrailerThis video is the channel trailer on YouTube that is to give people a quick view of the company and what we do. It is our attempt at putting things in the context of the site and how we work to get high-quality wood and then provide better service than anyone else in the area by doing more for you.

No need to be Paul Bunyon just pick up the phone we will take care of all the details from there. You get great burning fires every time. "Easy to light, Burns Bright"

We have now added our new Firewood Guarantee for our wood. We want to make sure we provide all customers with the best service and product possible. If there is a problem we want you to call us to make it right if you are happy with the product please refer a friend.

For more details along with the video, you can see our YouTube Channel trailer here.

Firewood Concierge

Firewood Concierge Service Firewood boy with wood 250
Firewood Boy with Firewood For a Customer
Details about how we sell our kiln dried firewood. is a Boston based company that provides concierge firewood service. Our concierge is "Firewood Boy" whose job is to assist Boston area customers with there firewood needs. Year round he searches for the best kiln dried firewood. The he stands ready to work for you by arranging to have enough inventory of kiln dried firewood, setting up deliveries and stacking the wood for you much like a 5-star hotel's concierge would take care of all the details for you. To see a larger video and see more details about the video you can follow this link


Kiln Dried Firewood Burning in a Fireplace

Sunday Evening Fire in the Fireplace with Friends Relaxing Before the Week StartsA video was taken by a customer of our kiln dried wood burning in a fireplace on a winter Sunday evening before starting the new week at work. Friends getting together to visit and have dinner with a fire in the fireplace.


A Face Cord Of Firewood - What it Looks Like

A face cord of firewood explained with Paul standing by the stacked wood for a sense of sizeA face cord of firewood - what the dimensions of a face cord of firewood looks like. To help people decide how much firewood is in a face cord of firewood this video is to show what it looks like as Paul explains the dimensions. Seeing him with the wood stacked up helps give a frame of reference. Customers want enough wood to fit there needs but not so much that they get overwhelmed in the space they have.

A face cord of firewood is 42.66 cubic feet or 0.33 cords of wood.  For more information on what a face cord is visit our face cord page.


A Half Cord Of Firewood - What it Looks Like

A half cord of firewood explained with Paul using an 8-foot piece of wood to show what it would look like compared to a full cord

A half cord of firewood is just like it sounds half of a full cord of firewood. A cord is 4' X 8' X 4'. So the half cord is 4' X 4' X 4' when stacked in a cube.The stacking can be done in any number of shapes but the key is the total cubic volume comes out to be 64 cubic feet when stacked. Each quantity of firewood that is sold has different nicknames that are customary terms referring to amounts of firewood. Just be specific that you want a certain amount and what that amount is relative to cubic feet of wood stacked tightly in the same direction.

For more information on a half cord of firewood please visit our half cord page for more details.


A Cord Of Firewood - What a full Cord Looks Like

A full cord of firewood stacked in a block to show what the term "a cord of firewood" looks like

What a cord of wood should look like. The firewood industry has a lot of gray areas and some of the terms can be up for misinterpretation. There are terms like full cord, loose cord, thrown cord, bush cord, a rick of wood, face cord etc. You would think that somebody is out there trying to confuse people. Some of it is custom that has developed over time and some of it can be to confuse or distract from what is really going on. In the state of Massachusetts they clearly state that "To be sure you have a cord, the wood should be stacked neatly in a line or row, with individual pieces touching and parallel to each other, making sure that the wood is compact and has as few gaps as possible. They also define a cord as a dry volume of wood that equals 128 cubic feet. Most firewood sold is cut to 16" long pieces. There is any number of ways it can be stacked. A typical dimension is 4 feet high, 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide. As an example it could also be a single row 4 feet high, 16" deep and 3 times longer at 28 it would equal a cord. If you have a stack of wood and do not want to do the volume calculation try our firewood calculator.


Bundles Of Firewood - Our Bundles are bigger

Better Value

About two dollars more gets you almost twice as much

Kiln dried firewood bundles are a great way to have a fire in the fireplace without needing a lot of storage space and for the occasional fires. Our bundles are almost two times larger than the ones sold in convenience stores and about 2.00 dollars more. Watch the video and see samples so you can compare them for yourself. Why the service stations sell such small bundles we really have not figured that out yet. The typical bundles in a store will sell for about 7 to 8 dollars. Our bundles sell for 10.00 dollars. For bundles and small quantities of wood it does not make sence to deliver the wood. So for quantities below a third of a cord we gladdly ofer pick up servic at our yard in Hyde park. Please call first to make sure we are there. Call 781-254-2773


4 Concerns in Buying Good Firewood

When you have time to relax who wants to work hard at building a fire and keeping it going

People that are concidering buying firewood want good firewood. Good firewood is wood that has low moisture content so that the water in the wood is not preventing the wood from burning creating smoke, sparks, smoldering and not burning completly. To overcome high moisture content a steady supply of kindeling at the bottom of fire is needed. Our Kiln dried firewood fits that need.

Selecting the right tree variety for processing into firewood requires a good amount to select from not just makeing firewood out of what ever is avaialble. The differences in species regarding its value as firewood is huge. Select native hardwoods are the best for long lasting fires.

Measurement and terms used to describe quantity of wood to be purchased has a whole rats nest of miss infromation. To be an educated consumer take the time to be specific with your firewood supplier on what quantity is being sold then stack it and measure it.

Gathering and harvesting firewood is back breaking work if done by hand. We estimate any one piece of wood has to be handled 10 to 12 times to get it from the forest to the fireplace. Our pictures of Paul Bunyan on the site are to make that point.


How To Know if your Firewood is Dry

An way to do a quick test to see if your firewood is dry. How it sounds.

Firewood is primarily made up of wood fiber and moisture. A typical cord of wood unseasoned will have about 1,200 pounds of water in it. As everybody knows water puts out fire. So when buying firewood a simple test to get an idea if the wood is dry is to clap two similar sticks of firewood to gether and listen to the noise it makes.

If it sounds similar to the sharp crack of a bat at Fenway Park when a home run is hit you have dry wood. It it makes a dull muffled thud then you know the water in the wood is dampening the sound effect of the wood being hit together. In the video we have some samples of what it sounds like.


A Sample of How Our Firewood Burns

Not sure if it is worth buying kiln dried firewood. This is a sample of how our wood burns

There is no voice over in this video it is just a shot of what a fire looks like that is built with's kiln dried firewood. It burns brightly, you can control how fast it burns by how it is aranged in the fireplace. It does not smoke a lot. There is minimum smoke and water does not bubble out the ends of the logs as they burn. With some coals at the bottom the pieces burn completly. With seasoned wood often the last pieces are hard to burn to the center due to the moisture content.