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Firewood Stacking Service by Boston Firewood is now available. During the Covid crisis, for health reasons, it was not an option. We know that people buy firewood to have a memorable time in front of a great burning fire and relax. Selecting a firewood supplier, judging the wood quality, figuring out the amount needed, scheduling delivery, and then getting the wood to where it needs to be stored till it is time to be used are all a necessary part of the process to have a glowing fire in the fireplace. Stacking should not be part of the problem.

We offer to go further than dumping our kiln-dried firewood at the curb. We will put the wood you buy from us where you want it. For you the problem is solved, for us it delays us from getting to the next customer with their wood. So, unfortunately, we need to charge for the service of stacking the firewood so we can staff around it. The last thing we want to do is say no to a customer.

Many firewood suppliers put strict limits on their stacking policy to “provides stacking of the firewood to the desired location” BUT;

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  • Stacking “Must be ground level.”
  • “No Stairs”
  • “No steep inclines”
  • “Pushcart accessible”
  • No “going inside your home.”
  • No “traveling extraordinary distances.”
  • “The distance between the place where we dump the firewood and the place where we stack the firewood cannot be more than 25 feet apart.”
  • “There cannot be any staircase or any other obstacle that does not allow us to use a wheelbarrow to move easily between the truck and stacking location.”
  • "The customer is responsible for ensuring that the stacking location is safe and clear of any obstacles that may impede the stacking process.”
  • “If the customer cancels the stacking service, a fee may be charged to cover expenses incurred.” REALLY??

Given the comments above, what does the customer do when their situation is outside of the limitations imposed above? After going 25 feet, they just put the wood down no matter where that is. That is not service. If that many restrictions are needed, then we would rather not provide the service. If you have a question, take a picture and send it to us so we can see what is going on. We can skip all the talk that sounds like a lawyer or a belligerent contractor was involved.

Firewood stacking service removes the barrier of labor to put the firewood where it is to be stored. We do not have extra money in the price of our kiln-dried firewood to cover the labor to stack the wood where the wood is needed. We think this is fair since each customer’s needs are different. We also know that customers want to know the cost of the service before they commit to the service.half face cord 32 bundles Firewood small

When you call to order firewood based on the amount of wood you order and your description of the site conditions, we are happy to give you a fair price for stacking the wood where you want it. It must be a good deal for you and for us, or it is not a good deal. Often, sending us a picture may help.

When YouBuy from Us. You get the Boston Firewood Fire Starter Kit.

With all truckload orders of firewood, we express our appreciation for your business by also giving you this kit;

stacking on porch small 0757With this information on what a quarter cord of kiln-dried firewood is, we hope it may help you decide. If you decide to buy kiln-dried firewood, we look forward to meeting you. If you are looking for a smaller quantity, we also offer to pick up service at our yard whatever quantity you want at our yard. Give us a call first.

In addition to quarter cords of kiln-dried firewood, we also deliver.

If you have any questions, call us, and you will get a prompt answer from the owner call Paul at 781-254-2773.