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Bundles of Firewood Kiln-Dried

Paul with bundles gas station vs boston firewood bundle smallBundles gas station vs. firewood bundles

Bundle sizes - gas station size vs larger bundles


Firewood bundled for occasional fires in the fireplace is now available for Boston area customers. Our deal is better. We sell more wood at a lower cost. Gas station firewood bundles are typically sold for about seven to eight dollars. The bundles are .75 cubic feet and have as few as four pieces of wood. stocks and sells bundles of New England kiln-dried firewood Out bundles that are 1.5 cubic feet for a price of Ten Dollars. So you get twice as much wood for about two or three dollars more. Now, that's a deal!

We sell real kiln-dried fireplace logs that light and burn easily. These larger bundles typically fuel a fire for about 3 hours. We believe this firewood product will beat pressed wood logs or gas fireplaces. They provide a real New England ambiance to enjoy and relax to around the fireplace. Our logs are kiln-dried, so there is less water in the wood, and they light easily. The wood is bundled for ease of storage and fewer trips to get them into the house. It is stored for when you want a relaxing evening. We are geared for bundle pick-up service at our yard for quantities below a quarter cord of firewood. Call us at (781) 254-2773 before you stop by.

Here is a video view of our bundles of wood available for pick up at our yard We have built our business on selling, delivering, and stacking for customers at their homes kiln-dried firewood in quarter cord amounts and larger. Delivering smaller quantities of wood is too expensive compared to the total price. So, for people who do not have room to store the wood and do not frequently burn wood in their fireplace in the past, we did not provide a solution.

Firewood Bundle Pick-Up Service

Now, we have added a pick-up service at our firewood yard. We do this for a couple of reasons. It is a way for people looking for firewood near them to get a high-quality product that lights and burns well. Customers can see for themselves the source of our wood. It is a crowded yard off the beaten path that is not glamorous and a basic working facility. You will also see that the wood is not stored in mud or dirt. The wood is inside and kept dry every step from the kiln to us and then in a heated garage until you pick it up. Call Paul at (781) 254-2773 so we know you are coming and open the doors for you. It can be noisy in the shop.

Kiln Dried Firewood Sampler

Secondly, customers buying seasoned wood by the cord can get a small amount of wood and see the difference in how our wood burns. It is a good deal for the customers and a good deal for use in that we want to spread the word that burning kiln-dried firewood is worth it. As they used to say on TV in the Alka Seltzer ad, "Try it, you'll like it," so we want to make it convenient to try. We hope this helps convert seasoned firewood customers to our customers who want good burning wood for the fireplace.

Bundle Size

bundle disparity EditIt is pretty clear what the better value isWe load, deliver, and stack firewood all day long and find that the bundles we handle are light enough to carry but not so small that you have to make a lot of trips from the car to the fireplace. We suspect the small bundle dealers are selling a product they are not committed to at convenience store prices. The bundle sizes are kept small, so the price is low and does not take up a lot of space. Our bundle size also helps better match what is typically used for an evening's fire in the fireplace.

We scour New England for the highest quality kiln-dried wood, then store it indoors out of the weather. Our firewood storage is in a heated garage from when we get it to when it is loaded on our trucks for delivery to our customers. To use firewood is not an afterthought product sold as a convenience item or add-on sale. It is what we do. Being indoors, it will not get rained on, will stay dry and clean, and will not develop mold. By bringing our product into your home, you do not have to worry about bringing in seasoned wood that can have termites, bugs, or other pest infestations that take up residence in your home.

How long will the bundle last?

We have found from our customers that our bundle of firewood will last about an evening of burning or about 3 hours. For weekends, relaxing around the house, watching a game, or reading a book would usually take two of our larger bundles of firewood.

Advantages of Kiln Dried Firewood

Firewood Moisture Content

Cornell University says that the biggest quality factor in firewood is moisture. Most firewood dealers sell green, or freshly cut, wood, which could have a moisture content of 100% or more (100% moisture content means half the weight of the wood is water). Water in the wood has to be heated and forced out of the wood before it can burn. That is why often you will see bubbling and hissing at the ends of a wet piece of firewood as it burns. The water can only move lengthwise in firewood logs, not sideways, since all the wood fiber goes horizontally.

ours others small IMG 5336Our bundle size is compared to most others.Seasoned wood takes at least 12 months to reach a moisture content below 20%. This takes a lot of space and planning ahead. If in doubt, look at your supplier's yard from May to July, and if there is no wood stacked up, then you certainly are not getting low-moisture firewood. It is not really seasoned wood. Most seasoned firewood suppliers run out when it gets cold, so there is little chance the wood is being seasoned for 12 to 18 months to get a good moisture content. In the Boston Area, real estate costs are too high to tie up space for a low-margin bulk commodity like firewood. To save space, if it is stacked really high, it will not dry because air can not get to it.

Our kiln-dried wood has a target moisture content of about 15%. This makes for a fire that is easy to light without a lot of kindling or having to fuss with it, and the wood will burn brightly. It is not so dry that it burns too fast.

Kiln-dried firewood is a controlled product that is not tied to the weather and does not take a long time to produce. Logs for kiln drying are selected to be a convenient size of wood that splits down to pieces that are easy to handle and dry. In days, a piece of wood can be turned into great burning logs that have just been cut. This means that we can handle the surge in demand that comes from an unusually cold, snowy cold winter. We do not run out.

  • Kiln-dried firewood burns best - drierour bundle small IMG 5338Our average bundle dimension
    • highest BTUs / heat output of any firewood
    • Three times more heat is produced
    • Guaranteed Dry Ready to burn NOW
    • Consistently low moisture content
    • below 20% moisture content
    • We dry the wood down to the wood fiber level
  • Benefits of kiln-dried firewood
      • Easier and quicker to light
      • burns cleanest
      • Less hissing, popping, and sparking
      • popping caused by too much vapor is trapped inside the wood
      • Not as much smoke
      • Little or no Creosote was created in the chimney
    other bundles measured small IMG 5339Typical gas station bundle size
    • Very little ash
    • Less Tending to the fire is required
    • The logs burn completely
  • Consistent supply and quality
    • Our product is Produced in 50 to 72 hours from being split
    • produced throughout the year on demand
    • Available year-round
  • The wood itself
    • All New England hardwoods
    • Cut to consistent 16" lengths
    • Clean wood /never in dirt after it is split
    • Insect free
    • We store the wood in our heated garage
    • Safe for you to store indoors
    • We recommend storing indoors with good airflow and light, not in a damp basement.
    • Bundles are clean and efficient to move
  • Pick up available at our yard


With controlled heat to the center of the piece of firewood, we know that any bugs are killed and are not hibernating in the wood, ready to come out when brought into your house. Most homes are not easily infested, but who wants to take the chance?

Clean wood

Handling our wood does not include being on the ground at all. Before cutting to length, the wood is stacked in piles off the ground to help keep it clean.  Once the wood is cut in the wood process, it goes directly into metal baskets. These baskets of wood are then loaded into the kiln to dry them out to the right moisture content. After running through the kiln, the dried wood is stored inside on paved floors so no mud or dirt is added in the handling. Some slight amount may be there from the logging operation, but it is minimal. Before delivery, the pieces of wood are screened through a large tumbling to pull out any of the dirt and small pieces of wood that are loose. This ensures the pieces are clean and uniform in a set size range.

Our location

Our location is in Hyde Park at the end of a dead-end road and a little hard to find down a pretty narrow road off Dana Road near one of the City of Boston Highway garages. Dana Road forks off Hyde Park Avenue, a little past McDonald's, coming from the south.

{google_map}50 Easton Avenue, Hyde Park, MA 02137|width:600|height:200|border:1|border_style:solid|border_color:#000000{/google_map}

boston firewood shop doors small.jpg 1Boston Firewood, our shop doors, and trucks are set for deliveriesOur Yard is full of equipment, and the firewood is stored indoors where the bundling and sorting of the wood is done. Please knock on the center door so we know you want to pick up wood. Often, we are loading a truck, so we would know you are there, but if they are closed, we do not want to keep you waiting.

Pick up

We are available during working hours. Please call first since sometimes we need extra people on large or difficult deliveries with many stairs or long aisles with no parking available. At our shop, which is a closed indoor facility, knock on the blue overhead door in the center of the building since they are usually closed. Call Paul at (781) 254-2773