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Quarter Cord of Wood

quarter cord firewood stacked small 450PXA graphic of a quarter cord of firewood stacked to help visualize what it would look like with a young boy near the pileA Quarter Cord of wood refers to a specific quantity of firewood typically used as a measure for selling and estimating the amount of wood. This predetermined measure is defined in the article on Face Cords on the Wikipedia site. According to the article, a quarter cord of wood measures 4 feet by 6 feet by 16 inches. To measure this amount, a single row of wood is stacked, and its width is less than the typical row in a cord, which is 8 feet. Therefore, to achieve the volume of 32 cubic feet, the quarter cord is 6 feet wide instead of the usual 8 feet wide in a face cord. This is one of the quantities of firewood we sell and deliver in Boston and the surrounding area. When you buy this amount of wood from any firewood supplier, this is what you should expect to get.

If you are unsure if you have received the right measure of wood, stack it along a wall 6 feet wide, and it should go up to 4 feet high, and the wood is mostly 16” long. If not, you have not received the total value you paid for.

Some Firewood Suppliers Sell by the Truckload

What is a truckload? It is not a standard measure. There are just too many variables. The United States Forest Service has information on the size of a truck and what measure of wood it can carry. A small pickup ¼ ton truck can carry a half cord. If the truck is a long bed 3/4 ton truck with side racks installed, that truck may carry a cord of wood. If the truck has a dump body installed, a triangular space on either side of the body also cuts down on the amount of wood delivered.

The weight of the dump body also cuts down on the payload-carrying capacity of the truck. This is an example of why the measure needs to be a specific quantity. In stacking again, turning to Wikipedia, how it is stacked is defined as measuring “the amount of wood that, when "racked and well stowed" (arranged so pieces are aligned, parallel, touching, and compact). " Subjective measures are not helpful. The point of all of this is to be an educated customer.

When you order a quarter cord of wood from us, you can expect to receive a fair measure. When you stack the wood, the stack will be of the correct dimensions or slightly more.

What you get buying a ¼ cord from us at

When you order a quarter cord of wood from us, you can expect to receive a fair measure. When you stack the wood, the stack will be of the correct dimensions or slightly more.

Kiln Dried firewood;
We closely monitor our wood so that the moisture content is what you expect from kiln-dried wood. The center of the wood should have a moisture content of 12-18%. There is always some variation due to the size of the specific piece and species of the hardwood sampled.

Clean Wood;
kiln dried log no bark 450 7609 smallA sample of one of our kiln-dried logsOur firewood comes from New England forests and can have some dirt on it, but we find it is as clean or cleaner than most. From the time it is harvested, through the processing and storage indoors at our supply warehouse, it is indoors and always on paved surfaces. Some firewood suppliers we have seen store their wood outside and in muddy situations.

Our wood is native New England hardwood selected for a mix of wood that dries at the same rate in the kiln and is the right log size to be split to a convenient size for customers to handle.

No Mold or Rot;
The selection of trees to use is from healthy trees that have very little or no rot. Every step in the processing is to keep air flowing on the product so the wood will be clear of mold or rot. Drying and ventilation is the key to this.

No infestation of bugs or pests;
You can store our wood indoors. The wood has been heated to a temperature that kills all pests. The heat is the same as the lumber you build your house with.

Sustainable Sourcing;
Firewood is a renewable resource. Our firewood comes from responsibly managed forests. They are supervised by foresters, and the harvesting practices are focused on minimizing the environmental impact.

Clean Burning;
Kiln-dried wood burns cleaner because it releases less particulate matter and harmful pollutants into the air. This is especially important for maintaining good air quality and reducing the environmental impact of wood burning.

Less Soot;
Soot is a fine black powder that can be released during incomplete combustion. Kiln-dried firewood burns with less soot production, which means less black residue on your fireplace or stove glass. Kiln-dried firewood reduces the chance of chimney fire and reduces chimney cleaning requirements.

Why buy a quarter cord of kiln-dried firewood

If someone is concerned about the premium paid for kiln-dried firewood, it is the minimum bulk quantity of firewood that makes sense to deliver. It is a good sampler size. With this, you can see the ease of lighting, the lack of hissing and popping, and reduced smoke. With seasoned wood, most of the time, the end of a piece of wood smokes and often has water boiling out of it. At the end of the fire, triangular stubs are left since that wood never dried enough to burn.

Convenience store bundles are of varying quality and sources. The bundle size is .75 cubic feet. Delivering a quarter cord would save you as many trips as it would take in your car to move about 43 bundles to the house. It is a personal decision; almost every gas station and convenience store sells bundled firewood. Read the label to get an idea of what you are getting. If the wood is sitting in the sun and you see a lot of water droplets on the inside of the plastic, avoid the wood. This is usually from excess moisture from the wood that is probably not well-dried.

Firewood Guarantee

We work very hard to build a customer base of satisfied customers.  We guarantee the wood we sell. If there is any problem at all, call us, and we will fix it before we go onto another customer. Please tell others if you are happy with the wood and our service.

When YouBuy from Us. You get the Boston Firewood Fire Starter Kit.

With all truckload orders of firewood, we express our appreciation for your business by also giving you this kit;

With this information on what a quarter cord of kiln-dried firewood is, we hope it may help you decide. If you decide to buy kiln-dried firewood, we look forward to meeting you. If you are looking for a smaller quantity, we also offer pick up of whatever quantity you want at our yard. Give us a call first.

In addition to quarter cords of kiln-dried firewood, we also deliver.

If you have any questions, give us a call, and you will get a prompt answer from the owner. Call Paul at 781-254-2773.