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Custom-cut kiln-dried Stove Firewood

six inch 10 and 16 small 0075 EditCustom lengths of Kiln Dried FirewoodYou can get our kiln-dried firewood cut to custom dimensions from our 16” split logs. One popular length is 10-inch pieces for smaller wood stoves. For the pizza ovens, 5-inch pieces tend to be popular.

We do not like to say no to a customer. When asked for special firewood sizes in the past, we could not do it. We now have the equipment to do it efficiently for you at a fair charge. The standard size of kiln-dried firewood is 16 inches long. Tooling in the industry is set up to cut the logs for firewood at 16” because it prevents waste and fits the producer’s material handling equipment. Anything else must be custom-cut locally. So, we do that to provide lengths that are not typically available.

We offer custom cutting of our 16” firewood to your desired length. We have special saws to cut these logs safely to avoid getting hurt. More importantly, you, the customer, do not have to deal with a chainsaw or cut-off saw. You may not have one. If you do, you know either can be very dangerous to secure the wood when cutting irregular shapes of split firewood. We can also cut a partial quantity of wood you order, leaving some at the original length if you have both a standard fireplace and a smaller stove.

Here is what we do for our customers who want specific lengths of firewood less than 16 inches. We measure the quantity of wood the customer has ordered. We sell bulk firewood in the following quantities:

Then we cut the wood to the length the customer wants, and both halves are loaded onto the truck for delivery. There is a modest charge for the cutting, but you get the size that best fits your needs. The key point to remember is the flip side of the cut is also delivered to the customer.

10-inch kiln-dried wood for you.

For many reasons, one of the most often requested sizes is ten-inch-long split kiln-dried firewood. Many smaller European-style stoves are set up to be efficient and fit in small places. They often need 10” pieces to load the firebox correctly and fit it. We cut the 16” pieces to 10 inches and deliver to the customer the 6” piece to start the fire and mix it in with the 10” pieces.

Reasons to need lengths of wood that are less than 16” long.

Standard Fireplace and Stove Size: Many wood stoves and fireplace inserts are designed to accommodate 16 inches long or shorter logs. This size ensures the wood can easily fit within the firebox and the door can close properly.

Efficient Burning:
Smaller logs tend to catch fire more easily and burn more efficiently than larger logs. They also allow for better air circulation within the fire, which is crucial for a clean and efficient burn. Burning the wood, the gaps between pieces can be increased or decreased to control the fire and how it burns by putting in small pieces in a strategic place to create the gaps you want for airflow.

Ease of Handling:
Shorter logs are generally lighter and easier to handle, split if needed, stack, and transport than longer logs.

Properly sized logs are safer to burn as they are less likely to roll out of an open fireplace and are easier to manage while adding them to the fire. Some of the smokeless firepits are compact. The wood sticks up over the sides until it burns down.

Fits Most Stoves and Fireplaces:
The size choice helps you get the right fit for most wood stoves, fireplaces, and fire pits. The 16-inch length is generally considered the maximum for many stoves, so a slightly shorter length ensures a good fit with some room to spare for air circulation.

More Surface Area for Ignition:
More Surface Area for Ignition: A shorter log has a higher ratio of surface area to volume, which can help the wood to ignite faster and burn more efficiently.

Compatibility with Accessories:
Fireplace tools and accessories like grates and log holders are often designed for wood of this size, ensuring a good fit and function.

The best length for firewood for a pizza oven depends on the size and design of the oven. However, shorter than 16" lengths of wood are required for most home-based wood-fired pizza ovens. Here are some general guidelines:

Small to Medium Ovens:
Wood lengths of 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) can be ideal for small to medium-sized pizza ovens, which are quite common. These smaller pieces are easier to manipulate and arrange within the oven's firebox.

Larger Ovens:
Larger pizza ovens might accommodate longer pieces, but even so, wood lengths of 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) are often recommended because they are easier to handle and allow for better control of the fire.

High Heat Requirement:
Pizza ovens require high heat to cook pizzas quickly and achieve the characteristic char on the crust. Smaller pieces of wood ignite faster and can increase the oven temperature quickly.

Ease of Management:
Smaller, shorter logs are easier to move around within the oven, allowing you to manage the fire's location and intensity, creating different heat zones as needed for cooking.

Quick Burn:
Pizza cooking is a fast process, so the wood used must catch fire quickly and burn hot rather than providing a long, slow burn as you might want in a heating stove or fireplace. This is where our hardwood, with a measured moisture content of between 12 and 20 percent, burns hot quickly after it is started.

Given these considerations, the best approach is to tailor the firewood size to the pizza oven's specifications and the user's needs for quick heating and ease of handling. If you are an experienced pizza maker with a wood pizza oven, you already know the information above and are just looking for the size you want. If you do not see it here on this website, call Paul and see what he can do for you.

Due to design and efficiency considerations, firewood that is less than 16 inches long is often required or preferred for various heating and cooking appliances. Here are some situations and types of stoves and ovens where shorter firewood is typically used:

Wood Stoves:
Most modern wood stoves are designed to accommodate 16 inches or shorter logs. This standard length ensures logs will fit within the firebox and allows the door to close properly.

Fireplace Inserts:
Inserts that convert traditional fireplaces into more efficient heating units usually have a smaller firebox than an open fireplace. They typically require shorter logs for proper fit and air circulation.

Camping Stoves:
Portable wood stoves used for camping or outdoor activities are compact and can only fit small pieces of wood. These stoves are designed for easy transport and quick setup, so shorter firewood is necessary.

Cook Stoves:
Old-fashioned wood-burning cook stoves and modern replicas often have small fireboxes that require short lengths of wood to allow for precise temperature control when cooking.

Portable Fire Pits:
Many portable fire pits are designed for ease of use and portability, so they are not large enough to accommodate long pieces of firewood.

Sauna Stoves:
Wood-burning sauna stoves are usually small and require short lengths of wood to create the intense heat needed in a sauna.

Smokers and Barbecues:
Some wood-fired smokers and barbecues use smaller pieces of wood or wood chunks to produce smoke and heat for cooking.

Tiny Homes and Cabins:
In small living spaces, such as tiny homes or cabins, the wood-burning appliances are usually scaled down to fit the space, requiring shorter lengths of wood.

Boat Stoves:
Marine stoves, used for heating and cooking on boats, are compact due to space limitations and need small firewood.

In each of these situations, the common factor is that the firebox or combustion chamber design cannot accommodate long logs, or it is optimized for efficient burning with smaller pieces of wood. Additionally, shorter firewood is often easier to handle, making it more convenient for users to load and manage the fire.

Custom-Cut Firewood: Fueling Tiny Wood Burners to Portable Fires with Precision

stove wood 6 and 10inch wood 20106 EditStove wood 6 and 10 inch lengths kiln dried firewoodIn a world continuously seeking bespoke solutions, the demand for custom-cut firewood has seen a significant uptick, especially among enthusiasts of wood-fired pizza ovens, tiny wood burners, and outdoor fire pits. Tailoring the wood to the specific appliance or use maximizes efficiency and enhances the overall experience. Let's delve into how these specialized wood dimensions play a pivotal role across various applications, from the coziness of indoor heating to the charm of an outdoor campfire.

The Essence of Custom-Cut Firewood for Specialized Stoves and Ovens

A wood-fired pizza oven demands precision both in craftsmanship and fuel. Traditional 16-inch logs are often too large for the compact chambers of these ovens. Custom-cut, shorter firewood provides the perfect fit, allowing for quicker ignition, better flame control, and an optimal cooking environment paramount for that perfectly charred crust.

Tiny Wood Burners:
Small Spaces, Specific Requirements

The allure of tiny homes and small spaces has brought tiny wood burners into the limelight. A standard log won't do when space is at a premium. Custom-sized firewood becomes the natural ally for these miniature heating marvels, ensuring a clean burn and consistent heat without the hassle of manipulating oversized logs.

Small Wood Stoves and Heating Stoves:
Efficiency in a Log

The allure of tiny homes and small spaces has brought tiny wood burners into the limelight. A standard log won't do when space is at a premium. Custom-sized firewood becomes the natural ally for these miniature heating marvels, ensuring a clean burn and consistent heat without the hassle of manipulating oversized logs.

Decorative Fireplaces:
The right size that lights well

Some decorative or smaller-scale indoor fireplaces may have limited space for logs, necessitating shorter firewood. With this style of stove, the typical user probably does not burn a fire a lot, so they want dry wood that is easy to light and does not need a lot of effort to get going for a nice fire on a cold winter evening.

The common factor in each of these situations is that the firebox or combustion chamber design cannot accommodate long logs or is optimized for efficient burning with smaller pieces of wood. Additionally, shorter firewood is often easier to handle, making it more convenient for users to load and manage the fire.

Wood Stoves:
Wood Stoves: The Traditional Hearth Reimagined

While wood stoves might accommodate standard-sized logs, custom-cut wood allows for better space management, easier lighting, and more manageable burns. This custom approach caters to the aesthetic and functional needs of modern homeowners who cherish the wood stove's traditional feel but are attuned to contemporary conveniences.

Wood for Chimineas:
Crafting the Perfect Ambiance

With their unique shape and design, Chimineas require wood that complements their structure. Custom-cut firewood allows these outdoor features to perform efficiently, minimizing smoke and maximizing warmth, ensuring a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in any outdoor setting.

Chimineas are freestanding front-loading fireplaces or ovens with a bulbous body and usually a vertical smoke vent or chimney designed for small, manageable fires. Because of their design and size, the firewood used in chimineas should typically be short.

For many chimineas, Lengths of 12 to 14 inches are commonly used, but depending on the size of the chiminea, you might even need to go shorter, possibly around 6 to 8 inches. The key is that the wood should fit comfortably inside the chamber without sticking out or forcing out of the opening or up the chimney.

Chimineas are designed for small, contained fires that provide warmth and ambiance rather than large fires for heating or cooking, so the firewood size should reflect that purpose. It's also recommended to use quality kiln-dried firewood, as it burns better and longer than softwood and produces less smoke, less hissing, and sparks less, making it suitable for use in residential areas where smoke might be a concern. Using split wood rather than round logs is better for chimineas because split wood burns with less smoke and is easier to stack and manage within a small space.

Campfire Wood: The Quest for Convenience

For the spontaneous adventurers seeking "campfire wood near me," the convenience of pre-cut, suitably sized logs is unmatched. It eliminates the need for on-site preparation, turning the focus to the joy of the campfire rather than the work behind it. Our wood is clean and cut to the size you want, it will not make a big mess when you get it.

Tiny Wood Heaters: Small Scale, Big Warmth

Tiny wood heaters for small rooms or outdoor tents benefit from firewood cut to your specific requirements. It allows for a quicker heat-up time and a more enjoyable, hassle-free heating experience.

Portable Wood Fire: Your Moveable Feast

The portability of a wood fire hinges on the ease of fuel transport and use. Custom-sized wood pieces are more manageable and perfect for portable wood fires, ensuring you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance anywhere you go. The new smokeless firepits have versions less than 16”, so this option of custom firewood lengths can make a lot of sense so the wood does not stick out the top.

Fire Pits: Tailored for Memories

Fire pits are central to outdoor living, whether for roasting marshmallows or gathering under the stars. Custom-cut wood that fits perfectly within your fire pit creates a controlled burn, consistent warmth, and less smoke, allowing for a memorable, comfortable gathering.

Contact us at to buy custom-cut firewood.

Custom-cut firewood transcends mere functionality; it's about crafting experiences tailored to individual preferences and requirements. From ensuring that your tiny wood burner keeps you snug without overwhelming your space to guaranteeing that your portable wood fire is ready to travel with you, precision-cut wood is at the heart of these warm experiences. As you invest in the right wood for your needs, you're not just buying firewood; you're crafting moments, memories, and the perfect flame.

You tell us the lengths of wood you want, less than 16 inches, and we will cut the pieces and deliver our custom-cut kiln-dried firewood to you promptly. Call Paul at Call us at 781-254-2773