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Boston Firewood's Firewood Guarantee

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What could be a better proposition than this? If you are debating if the wood is worth it, buy some and try it. You can stop by our yard and buy as little as one bundle or what you need for a while. If it does not satisfy you regarding lighting and burning brightly, then we will make it right. We will give you your money back and pick up the remaining wood. The same is true if you do not have time to visit or pick up firewood at our location. Try a quarter cord of firewood delivered to your home. Then, if you are happy with the wood, tell a friend. If you are not, call us, and we will pick up the remaining wood and give you your money back. 

We Stand by our Wood

Boston Firewood is a different kind of firewood supplier. We do things differently by providing concierge firewood service; then, we back it up by standing by the wood we sell with a money-back guarantee. Our wood is kiln-dried for low moisture content. The amount of water in wood is the primary controlling factor in the wood's quality. Too much moisture means it takes a lot of energy from the fire to drive off the water in the wood. Wood samples are tested in a load to check that the average moisture content is around 15 to 20%. Over the years, some wood can get by and not be up to our standards. If that happens, we will fix it.

If You Are Not Happy, CALL!

Nothing is worse than working hard to get the right amount of wood when customers want it and delivering it, sweating out the details, and then a problem happens. That's what any business is about, but if there is a problem, the nightmare is not hearing about it. We offer a money-back guarantee if a customer gets firewood that they are not happy with. We will pick up the wood and give you your money back. People talk, and all we want is positive talk about ourselves. It is better to take the time to fix the problem they have an issue festering than if it is not taken care of. If, for some reason, it gets messed up and promptly fixed, then people will respect that. So, if you have a problem with our firewood, please call Paul at 781-254-2773.

Caveat to our firewood Guarantee

The firewood has to be stored in a dry location.

Everything we do, from the forest to delivery to you, keeps the wood clean and dry up to the time the customer gets the wood. An example of an issue not covered would be a wet or flooded basement with very poor air circulation. Naturally, the quality of the wood will be degraded.

Firewood Storage Tips

Kiln dried Firewood babies smallKiln Dried Firewood We Cuddle our Babies - click to enlargeWe sell firewood in quantities you want, from multiple cords of wood down to a single bundle picked up at our yard. The wood is kiln-dried, so it is ready to burn. It is not like seasoned wood that may not be dry and ready to burn for months. So large volumes of wood prepared ahead of time are not as critical since more dried wood is cleated in days. Here are some ideas;

  • Burn older wood first.
  • Keep away from harmful chemical contamination.
  • Kiln dried wood is bug-free no need to spray pesticides
  • Leave some space in the rows for air circulation
  • Store the wood off the floor on pallets or in a wood rack so moisture is not transferred from a wet floor.
  • Store firewood away from potential fire hazards.

Our wood is stored indoors in a heated garage before delivery. We treat the wood like our favorite babies by caring for the bundle and coddling the wood every step of the way, from the forest to the fireplace. Our graphic of a Mother caring for her children bundled up by the fire is how we regard our wood before we turn it over to you.

Questions or problems? Call us at 781-254-2773, and we will make it right.