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Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale Boston

About our Firewood is a local supplier of kiln-dried firewood that sells and delivers year-round in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Metro West area. We select the highest-quality wood sources and continually monitor that the wood is clean, bug-free, and has the correct low moisture content so it will burn well. We know that our customers are looking for wood that will light easily and burn brightly, is easy to get, and is ready to burn, and in the quantity you want. We are service-centric. Not what the firewood supplier wants to sell you.

The end result of how our firewood is selected, handled, and sold

Our wood is indoor wood. Sort of like some cats are just indoor cats that never go outside. We do this so that there is no mud or wetting of the wood from the time it is cut on the wood processor right through to when we deliver the wood to you. The wood has been kept on clean, dry paved surfaces and in metal bins or stacked inside out of the elements. This is done throughout the whole process, from the kiln to final delivery at the customer's location.

Firewood Supplier

When buying firewood from a local supplier, one of the ways to make sure you get a quality product is to visit the company's yard and look at the wood yard, the wood, and how they handle the wood. The process they use will show you what to expect in the end product you receive. All of the factors combined together make for clean, good burning firewood. Wood is wood, but not all wood is good kiln-dried firewood, and our customers see and know the difference.

muddy supply yard small 20170507 080735This competitor's firewood storage yard is a mud hole. What is the wood going to look like when it comes out of there? Summer is starting, and no wood is cut. How seasoned will it be?

How to pick a supplier

If a supplier does not allow you to see the wood and where it comes from, then you know you really do not know what you are getting. The lack of information has to make you wonder. It is not necessarily hiding anything negative, but it may well be a sign regarding the quality of the wood.

Visit the Woodyard

Companies that sell seasoned wood have a real estate problem because to sell well-seasoned wood it takes time and space. Correctly seasoned wood takes 12 to 18 months to dry down to 12 to 20%. That is the correct level for hardwoods to light and burn brightly in a controlled way. Keeping any amount of firewood for sale takes a good amount of space, and Boston area real estate is expensive. So, that creates a problem, and many different approaches are used to work around the limitations of time and space.

wood yard drying small DSC 0163 Pano100's of cords of wood waiting to be kiln-driedDuring the summer, visit the supplier you plan to buy from and see what is in the yard. Is the yard low in wood, and they are cutting and splitting wood into the fall? If so, then you need to question the term "Seasoned". Even if logs are piled up unsplit for some time, firewood will not dry well unless split, stacked, and covered with good ventilation. If this wood recently split is sold as "Seasoned" or "Semi-Seasoned" firewood, be alert to the fact that these are not specific terms. You are being told it is dry to some amount. We are not saying season wood is not good firewood. It can be if the moisture content is low enough.

Traveling around and stumbling into various suppliers' yards we often see empty yards mid-year. So the firewood product they are selling just simply cannot be dry. Wet wood just does not burn well. It takes time (12 months or more) to season wood, and it takes a lot of space to store it so air gets to it. Low moisture content is one of the key factors in quality firewood. 

Our Moisture Content

We do two things to ensure the product you buy from us is the best quality kiln-dried firewood available in New England. The moisture content will vary from the outside wood, being as low as 6% and easy to light, and the inside, about 20 to 25%, so the firewood does not burn too fast and just flare out. As we explain on this page, firewood is both an art and a science. We travel throughout Northern New England to establish relationships with suppliers that consistently have inventory available year-round and produce quality kiln-dried firewood. The second quality feature is our money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with how the wood burns, let us know, and we will pick up the wood and give you your money back. It is as simple as that. 

New England Hardwoods

healthy wood for firewood small DSC 1522Healthy wood for firewood to be split and kiln-driedThe firewood we sell consists of native hardwoods that are selected to dry at a uniform rate in the kiln. Most of our wood consists of Maple, Birch, Beech, and Ash. The wood is certified bug-free and has been heated to the center to kill any possible pests in the wood. We do not include Oak because the balance in the kiln is thrown off if mixed with the other wood. Oak is a denser wood, and to dry the oak, the other wood gets overcooked. It is an exaggeration, but it would be like trying to cook biscuits and meatloaf in the same oven for the same time. It just does not work, and one comes out bad. Customers have complained about how the result would not burn consistently well.

A Healthy Wood Source

The wood selected for our firewood is healthy trees being thinned for better forest growth and production. The typical trunk size is 18 to 22" in diameter. Feeding through the splitter is a big factor, but for the user, you are getting wood that is not old-growth diseased and bug-infested large logs that get mixed in. This type of wood is hard to split and even harder to pull out of the firewood processing. Kiln-dried healthy wood retains the dense wood content that does not start to break down and burn better.

Firewood Handling

bins kiln dried firewood small DSC 1375Bins of kiln-dried firewood ready to ship

Kiln-dried firewood is in bins from the wood processor and the wood splitter to be delivered to you; the wood never touches any dirt or mud. It goes into bins, then loaded into the kiln, and then stored on pavement indoors till ready to be shipped. It stays high and dry with no contaminants. In fact, human hands never touch this wood until it gets to us in Boston for final sorting and wrapping. This is one of the ways to keep the final cost from being exorbitant. Cutting your wood could take handling the pieces of wood 12 times. If a person were to go out and cut and season their own wood, each piece of wood cut pulled out of the woods, stacked, seasoned, and brought to the fireplace, that wood would be handled about 10 to 12 times. That is a lot of physical work for a romantic fire in the fireplace. With us, you pick up the phone, call us, and we can stack the wood for you. There is an additional charge for stacking. You put it in the fireplace, light it, and relax.

Fair Measure of Firewood

The other gray area in buying firewood is the quantity of wood you order and the quantity you receive. Buying firewood is normally done by cord units. The state of Massachusetts says a cord of firewood is the only way it can be purchased.

"Firewood is sold by a measurement called a “cord.” A cord, like other measurements such as a foot, a gallon, or a ton, is defined by law as 128 cubic feet. When buying firewood, avoid buying from a seller using terms such as “truckload,” “face cord,” or “pile” because these terms have no legally defined meaning."

We are a year-round firewood supplier only interested in building a customer base. We want to supply a superior product with superior service and have happy repeat customers. One of the keys to this is to supply the right amount of stacked wood. After it is stacked, it then is easy to verify that the right amount of wood has been delivered. Because the shapes of the stacked wood often are not pure cubes, we have a firewood calculator on the site to confirm what you have in cubic yards of firewood. Short-change people will walk away with a bad taste in their mouths and not return. So if in doubt, we add a little extra wood to what you get so there is no question of the quantity. If we did not do that, the firewood boy would be learning the wrong values in life as he grows up. With each load of firewood we deliver, we also include the Boston Firewood "starter kit," a box of long-reach matches, tumbleweed fire starters, and a box of kindling.

Wood Quantities We Sell

Because we sell convenience, we sell firewood in the amounts the customer wants, and we define the amounts here on this site


To make it easy to deal with us, there is an online quote form to give us details on what you are looking for and where the wood needs to be delivered to. For those who want a faster response, please call Paul at 781-254-2773.