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A Face Cord Of Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood from High-quality dried wood is delivered and stacked for you in the amount you want. Not just a cord dumped by the street. So that you have a no-labor, romantic, comfortable, warm fire in the fireplace that is pleasing to watch.

In this video, we explain what a face cord of firewood is and the dimensions of a face cord after it has been stacked. If you have received wood and stacked it and the shape you had to make, it is not a standard cube. We have a firewood calculator on the site that can convert whatever cubic dimension to cubic volume as well as what percentage of a cord it is. At the bottom of the page are links to the sizes we sell.

Face Cord Of Firewood Boston: What is a Face Cord? The Dimensions Explained For Sale

A Face Cord of Firewood Explaining What the Dimensions Should Be
In this video, we cover some of the important things to consider when considering who you will buy firewood from. Paul discusses a number of factors that set his company apart from other companies that supply firewood in the greater Boston area.

This is not just firewood that has been cut, split, and partially seasoned. It is a consistent-sized hardwood that has been kiln-dried specifically for burning in the fireplace.

What a Full Cord of Firewood Looks Like Video Transcript

High I am Paul from here to show you what a face cord of firewood or one-third of a cord should look like when you purchase it. The logs should be 16 inches wide the pile itself should be 8 feet long and should be 4 feet high this pile is a little bit higher because of the fact that we have voids in the stack because the wood is wrapped so we compensate for that.

The term face cord comes from the fact that when people look at the wood from a distance and at eye level across the street you can not see the other rows if it was a full cord, so at face value it looks like a cord. thus the term face cord. When you stack it up it should always equal one-third of a full cord of wood.

How many cubic feet in a cord is that?

One-third of 126 which would be 43.5 cubic feet. OK

Properly kiln dried firewood the moisture content should be around 15% and 20% maybe a smidgen more or less it should not exceed 25% ever. We are shooting for 15 to 25%

Too much less than that people claim that it will burn like flash paper on the other end too much water in the wood and it is not going to burn well

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Boston Firewood sells kiln-dried firewood delivered. For users that do not have a lot of space,  we deliver face cords and quarter cords, which are the smallest quantities delivered. We do not have a video on that size yet. You can click on the links below for more information on each;

Please call before stopping so that we can make sure someone is available to load your car or truck.