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Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we cannot currently provide stacking services we will resume when closer contact is safe.

Our goal is to develope a view of both what the company does along with the factors that go into harvesting the wood to delivering it and stacking it in a customers home. We want to present the whole picture. Some of it is pretty interesting, so stay tunned – Kiln Dried Wood Boston Ma (trailer) 59 sec

Boston Firewood Channel Trailer. sells and delivers kiln dried firewood in Boston and the surrounding areas for people that want warm relaxing fires in the fireplace but do not have the...

Text From the video

On a cold and snowy evening what could be than a niece warm fire fire in the fireplace and a good glass of wine Hi this is David Cox with Here to just tell you a little about our YouTube Channel hope you enjoy visiting. We provide concierge firewood service in the Boston Area.

The purpose of this channel is to show what it takes to get the wood from the forest to you to the fireplace. We are going to tell you more about the firewood that we supply but also information about Forestry the sources of our firewood the kilns that dry it and how it is handled. We hope you are entertained by seeing some of the equipment and information. Things that Ah we hope you might be interested in and tell you a little bit more about use and the company, even some Bloopers..... Boston firewood. com 50 Easton Ave Hyde Park Massachusetts. Thank you for visiting.

Some more details sells and delivers kiln dried firewood in Boston and the surrounding areas for people that want warm relaxing fires in the fireplace but do not have the time to go out and get the wood. We provide concierge firewood service which means we know the best sources of wood and take care of all the details of getting it to you.

We run the errands for you by scouring the New England woods for the highest quality kiln dried wood so it burns consistently and then we deliver it in the quantity you want. When we deliver it we don't just dump it at the curb and leave you to haul it in and stack it. We place it inside on the first floor were you want it. That is what it takes to be a real firewood concierge in our opinion

Another way to put it is we take care of the whole process of getting firewood for the fireplace by managing everything from forest to fireplace.

Stay tuned to this YouTube channel for more videos on kiln dried firewood;

  • Where the firewood comes from,
  • How it is gathered
  • The cutting and stacking
  • The kilns and kiln drying
  • Forestry
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • firewood related topics
  • Other firewood videos from aroound the world

Stay tuned and subscribe here for more infornation as we post it. Also if you have ideas of things you would like covered in our videos please let us know. You can comment here on our contact page Our directory of firewood videos to see what we have published.

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