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stairs to go upAn extreme example of stairs, who wants to haul firewood up these stairs?

Firewood Delivery and Optional Stacking

We know you can't beat the warmth and smell of a great fire built from kiln-dried firewood, and we can deliver as much as you need to your door and offer the option of stacking it for you. There is an additional charge for stacking. If you go to a convenience store, you get bundles of wood, have to haul it yourself, and get less wood. Save your back. Don't worry -- Call The Firewood Concierge. We take the work out of getting firewood delivered in the greater Boston area so you have on hand the amount of wood that you want on hand and do not have to keep going to get it.  

Some of the advantages are quality dry firewood;

  • Easy to lightcar loaded with firewoodSave damage to your car call us for firewood delivery
  • Less hissing and popping
  • Even burning since low moisture
  • Reduced creosote
  • Burns warmer since not driving off water in the wood
  • Bug-free
  • Cleaner since all dirt is dried off
  • Higher BTU output

What we do differently;alley delivery 300We do allies and tight places to deliver firewood

  • We take care of parking to unload
  • We stack the wood for you; first-floor placement is included in the price.
  • We do stairs willingly
  • Our wood is wrapped for easy handling
  • We do not include short pieces
  • Our wood is the by-product of the lumber industry
  • Moisture content is consistently low
  • Our measurements are correct
  • Our source is consistent since not dependent on time and weather to dry
  • We have it when you want it.

Call us. We make it easy to get Firewood in Boston.

We are firewood delivery artists. Wanting to get firewood usually creates images of back-breaking labor and too many stairs. But you want the warm glow of a natural wood fire throughout the winter. This is where we come in. When you need firewood delivery, you can call The Firewood Concierge to get the best kiln-dried wood placed right where you want it. We will deliver any amount you order from a quarter of a cord and on up, and it will always be an honest unit of measure. We are The Firewood Concierge, steps, landings, and stacking of wood are fine for

Call 781-254-2773 now!old truck load of firewood logsThese guys with the old truckload of firewood logs sure get a workout, especially when you look at the size of the logs on that truck!