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Firewood Stacked Cord Calculator

We have set up this page to solve a problem. You have bought an amount of firewood, you were told the amount of wood you were paying for and getting was to be X amount. You get the wood delivered and it is typically dumped in a pile for you to stack. The calculation of a random pile to find its volume is well past this sites capability. So to reasonably measure the wood it needs to be stacked in a cubic dimension so it can be calculated. But when you go to stack the wood it just may not be convenient or possible to do one area that fits the standard dimensions of cordwood. Just doing one stack may not work or it may be different in two different piles with different stacked dimensions.

We have found a calculator that will convert cubic dimensions of the stack or stacks of wood you have built. Measure what size you have in the final stack or stacks. Then put the dimensions in of each cube and then total up the blocks. The calculator will convert the dimensions to a cubic area and the size is also converted to cubic feet which is the basis of what a cord of firewood that is (128 cubic feet). You get a cord size calculation and a cubic foot calculation.

One of the ways customers use this is when multiple stacks are made it you do have to do each stack and add the total up. For the people like me who had to take remedial math, this is a lot easier than writing the formula out on a spreadsheet. The math goes like this. By definition, cordwood is compactly stacked firewood that is typically stacked 4' wide X 4' high X 8' high. The bottom line in the definition is 128 cubic feet.

Firewood Calculator no Math required

So break down the information into blocks so that you can calculate it and find out what the actual quantity of wood you received is.

firewood calculator
Firewood Cord Calculator by APLJaK
Enter height
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The calculator code was developed by APLJaK Ventures and certainly thanks to them since we certainly could not have done the code for it. It sort of makes sense since they are a company that does large truck scales so they are into the concept of bulk material measurement.

Without being able to verify the quantity you agree to purchase you just will not know if it is a fair deal or not.

Here are some reference dimensions.

One cord is 4 X 4 by 8 feet wide = 128 cubic feet

One half of a cord is 16" wide by 4 X 4 high now by 12' long = 63.9 cubic feet so that would be a half a cord.

One-third of a cord would be 42.66 cubic feet. It would line ou like one row of 16" pieces. So it calculates this way one row 16" wide 4 feet high X 8 feet long = 42.66 cubic feet one-third of 128 cubic feet.

These numbers are rounded but if you extend them out more decimal places it will come out to the exact number.

So grab the Stanley tape measure and check to see what you get vs. what you thought you were getting. Expect some variation based on the tightness of stacking but certainly do not get taken for a ride if it varies a lot between what you ordered and what you got. If there is a discrepancy we recommend contact the vendor and discuss the situation to see if a reasonable solution can be reached. As in any service/sales business if you where the owner you would want that courtesy. If you are happy with the service let a friend know. If you are not happy contact the company to let them know so they can fix it.

Firewood Quantities We Sell

At we are geared to be a firewood supplier that does things a little differently. We sell, deliver and stack kiln dried firewood for customers in the Boston area and Metro West. We know many customers want;

  • Smaller quantities of wood other than a full cord
  • Kiln dried wood delivered
  • Wood stacked were you want it
  • Firewood that lights and burns well
  • A fair measure of wood
  • We stand behind our firewood product

Our delivery service includes the following sizes and on up;

For smaller quantities, we have pick-up service at our yard either in bulk loading into a customers truck or 1.5 cubic foot firewood bundles.