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Kiln Dried Firewood Supplier For the Boston Area

We are a supplier of kiln dried firewood in Boston Massachusetts and the Metro West section outside of the city. We work with a different approach to supplying firewood to people near us. We are for people that do not burn firewood to heat the house all winter. We cater to the local area customers that want to have an evening fire or on the weekend. Firewood that is dry and provides a nice warm fire to relax in front of and enjoy life by the flickering flames. Our firewood business is "concierge firewood service". We take the work out of firewood you call us and we take care of the rest. You get the right amount of wood that will burn light easily, burns bright and burns completely because it is dried in large kilns that is able to pull the moisture in the wood out so that it is reduced to the optimal level for burning.

Paul Bunion and Babe Cut and Dry Firewood

We are not for you if...

If you do want to be Paul Bunyan trudge through the woods, find a good hardwood tree, cut down the tree, cut the wood to length, haul the wood out to the road, load wood in the car, haul it home , stack it, season it, carry it up flights of stairs and hope if it will light well. We respect this approach and understand it.  It is great to be out in the woods.

If you want Concierge firewood service we are for you...

Kiln Dried Firewood Burning and WineCall us we do the work for you. Every year people are working harder and harder. We know you only have so much time to deal with firewood. Convenience and quality counts. At Boston firewood, we are like the valets of the firewood business. Friendly service based on putting quality kiln dried firewood where you want it when you want it, in the amount you want. Small quantities of wood delivered and placed is what we do. We do the work, you relax and enjoy warmth and ambiance of a nice warm fire. A company philosophy of service, not lip service that is what we do every day. WE do more than just park wood like a valet would do we go the extra mile of knowledge that a conscierge has.It is not just wood it is good burning dried firewood.

Concierge Kiln Dried Firewood service

As a five star has concierge service we know our way the firewood supply business. Our sources of firewood are tested and monitored to make sure the wood is consistently dry, it is cut to 16" lengths and split down to convenient easy to burn sizes. We constantly search for and find the best available kiln dried firewood. This means you get a consistently high-quality wood for the fireplace. Being kiln dried the wood is consistently dry for easy lighting a warmer fire than seasoned or "semi-seasoned" firewood could ever do. Concerns about bringing into your home termites and bugs are eliminated by being heated and dried in the kiln. This also prevents the spread of tree diseases so our shade trees are protected.

Quantities of Firewood We Sell here in Boston Massachusetts

Providing a service, we focus on high-quality wood in convenient amounts. Most firewood suppliers base their business on providing cord quantities of firewood, that may or may not be the full amount. The firewood may or may not be dried to the right moisture content for burning well. Our wood is ready to burn when you get it so that it will light easily and burn brightly. Most of the time other firewood suppliers will bring the cord of wood dump it off in a pile, get paid and leave. There is no way to verify the amount and they know it. Some take advantage of that to make up for the low price they may have quoted.

These are the quantities of firewood we offer. Click on the links below for more information on the following firewood sizes:

Smaller quantities of wood are available picked up at our yard in our yard please call first

Call us for kiln dried firewood delivered and stacked for you 1-781-254-2773 or for a immediate free quote we have our firewood request page.