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Kiln-Dried Firewood

logs prior to cutting 250Logs prior to cutting short pieces are used for firewoodWe deliver Vermont state-certified kiln-dried firewood for trouble-free wood fires and cooking with wood. We do not mix in other wood of lower value. Many industries have situations were vendors alter, mix or dilute the product from what they represent. We do not do that and we certify that. Doing this does not fit with our definition of service and is certainly not customer centric. No self-respecting valet would do that.

Kiln Dried

Kiln Dried Firewood is dried in a heated chamber that looks a lot like the steel shipping containers that go overseas. The high heat and circulating air is used to remove water from the firewood at very high temparatures. These specially designed kilns have been adapted from lumber drying kilns to specifically dry firewood in very short periods of time. This produces a more consisant product. We do not have to worry about the amount of sun and wind and where the wood has been in the pile or if it was the wood on the ground.

top of kiln burns sawdust 250Top of kiln that burns sawdust to dry your firewood and get rid of a waste productOur Kiln dried firewood is all from hardwood trees, mainly oak. A delivery of wood to you can also contain Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Birch, or Beech. Our wood is kept clean and split into various thicknesses for convenient burning. The length is held to about 16” which is a standard size. We store our stock of firewood protected from rain and snow, so that it is delivered to you as dry as possible and ready to burn.


We drive to the Vermont woods and get the best quality hard woods for you. No fighting with mud season, black fly, getting tangled in underbrush, loud chainsaws, bad back sprains, waiting for the wood to season. Call us and we do all the work for you. The only thing we have not done so far is light the fire for our customers.

What makes us different?

wood storage at mill 250Indoor dried wood storage at mill prior to shippingWe are not a landscaper with a wood lot stacked with logs on the ground. With seasoned firewood inventroy and quality is always an issue. Time and inventory is not easily adjusted sine it can take 6 to 18 months to season firewood to our moisture content. When we need it we go get it by the tracter trailer load.

We have the equipment to handle wood in bulk. Modern material handling with our large Trucking fleet, experienced material handling is how we economically get the kiln dried wood here to the Boston area. At the customers location we have the small equipment and right attitude. Our attitude is what sets us apart. The owner and help are happy to climb stairs, deal with allies, elivators, long hallways and stacking the wood bundles for you. We have built our business by treating our customer’s right. We deliver and stack your firewood where you need or want it.