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You Decide Kiln Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood - Certainly Costs Less

Kiln Dried Garanteed Dry

We sell only kiln dried wood and we guaranteed it to be dry it will light easily and burn brightly

Seasoned Wood Dealer Claim

Ask your dealer how long the wood has been cut and split. Does he know the moisture content? Listen carefully.

Kiln Dried Wood Average Less than 20% moisture content

At the kiln sensors are in the wood monitor when the wood is ready

Seasoned Wood No Stated Moisture Content

Around 30% moisture customers complain that the wood is hard to light and smokes a lot

Kiln Dried Firewood Price

Kiln dried is more expensive, kiln dried firewood from us includes more service and will burn hotter

Seasoned Firewood Price

It is typically lower, varies by time of year and the seasoned wood dealers supply on hand. Very much the reason people buy it. Seasoned wood is less up front

Kiln Dried Wood Ready to burn NOW

The kiln makes it so by producing controlled moisture content in days

Seasoned Firewood Plan Ahead

Not knowing how dry the wood is means it is best to buy early in the spring to make sure it is ready when you want to burn it

Kiln Dried Wood dry to the wood fiber level

Controlled high heat applied over time forces out the moisture quikly not just free water in the cells, but also out of the wood fiber.

Seasoned Wood dry to some level

Given enough time this can be as dry. Does your firewood dealer have the space and large enough stock pile

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood Easier and Quicker to Light

Ready to burn now, buy the amount you want. Some kindeling and a little time you have a nice fire to relax by

Benefits of Seasoned Firewood Can Often Be Hard to Light

Less expensive buy early forcast your usage clean the chimney

Kiln Dried Firewood Burns Cleanest

Less moisture in the wood creates less smoke, less smoke create less creasote less smoke smell in the nieghbor hood. Always check the chimney

Seasoned Firewood creates more smoke and creasote

Higher moisture in the wood creates more smoke, this creates the need to clean the chimney more frequently. So do not forget the chimney sweep.

Kiln Dried Firewood Less Hissing, Popping and Sparking

Keep an eye on the fire. Less moisture means the water in the wood does not get captured then suddenly vaporize that pops a chunk of wood out with sparks

Seasoned Firewood will have more Hissing, Popping and Sparking

Keep a fire screen on at all times so embers do not get where they can be dangerous.

Kiln-Dried Firewood Less Smoke

Less chance of back draft and smokey smell into the house

Seasoned Firewood More Smoke

If the wood is wet feed kindeling to the bottom of the fire so it keeps the up draft going

Kiln-dried The logs burn completely

Dry wood tends to hold the fire through the whole cycle of the fire.

Seasoned Firewood The Logs Tend to NOT Burn Completely

The center of any piece of firewood the wood tends to have the highest moisture content so ifthe whole fire tends to smolder that last pieces will burn all the way often.

Kiln-Dried Firewood Consistent Supply and Quality

With us logs are cut year round and ready for the kiln. When more wood is needed a great burning wood can be created in 58 to 72 hours

Seasoned Firewood Needs the Supply to be Planned out Atleast a Year in Advance for Good Quality

There are a lot of claims regarding how long it takes when wood is air dried. Some of the variables are wind, temperatures, humidity, how the wood is stacked and how the pile is protected from the elements

Our Kiln Dried Firewood Available Year Round

We store extra firewood in our heated garage to make sure we do not run out. Repleneshment is easier since our wood restocking is not restricted by time or season

Large Volumes of Seasoned Wood Take Time to Dry

Time and storage space are critical with any product that has such a long cycle time to be a high quality product. Often short cuts are taken or wood is miss represented to the customer.

Our Wood is All New England Hardwoods

Our suppliers are out in the woods every day selecting the righ trees for splitting and burning

Ask Seasoned Wood Supplier What Wood Species they Sell

Seasoned wood suppliers often a tree removal companies and they are using firewood as a way to get rid of what ever they cut.

Kiln Dried Firewood Highest BTU's = heat out put of the firewood

Pizza shops buy our wood because it burns hotter makes a better pizza faster. For everyone else you can control the burn and have a cozy relaxing evening dreaming about the next trip to a fun place to visit.

Seasoned Wood Typically produces a Third LESS Heat

Higher moisture means less flame so there is less radiant heat as well as less total heat given off to the room. Who wants to have to wrap up in the bear skin rug?

Clean Wood / Never in Dirt After it is Split

Our wood handeling system is set up to keep the wood clean from the time it is split till it is delivered to you

Seasoned Wood Typically is stored out side

Out side storage opens the door to field stacked wood that can get dirty just in the handeling and stacking on dirt

Kiln Dried Wood IS Insect Free

Certification says it all. Being insect free the wood can be stored inside where it is convenient near the fireplace

Seasoned Wood IS Not Insect Free

The center of the wood has to be raised to 170 degrees to meet the standard and seasoned wood just does not get that hot. One supplier we know of claims the opposite and respectfully recomend to them and entomology course.

Kiln_dried Wood Sizes We Sell - Cord

Full cord delivered and stacked so you can measure what you get

Seasoned Fire Wood Sizes Often Sold Full Cord Only

Cord of wood typically is dumped and left to be stacked and measured

Kil-dried Wood Sizes We Sell - Half Cord

Half cord delivered and stacked so you can measure what you get. Volume of a half cord is 64 cubic feet

Seasoned Fire Wood Sizes Often Sold Full Cord Only

That quantity works if that is in fact what you need.

Kil-dried Wood We Sell - Face Cords

Face cord delivered and stacked so you can measure what you get. Volume of a face cord is 42.66 cubic feet

Seasoned Fire Wood Sizes Often Sold Full Cord Only

If you do not have the room to store a lot of wood we will get you the quantity you need and fits the space you have.

Kiln-dried Fire Wood Sizes We offer bundles picked up our yard

If you do not have the room to store a lot of wood we will get you the quantity you need and fits the space you have.

Seasoned Fire Wood

Ask if you can pick up at there place bundled wood.

The Best Firewood in Boston

Making the comparison regarding kiln-dried firewood compared to seasoned firewood is how our customers decide what is the best firewood for them. We have the best firewood in Boston if the following is true,

  • You want qualityevening by fireplace time to relax small 5066Evening by fireplace time to relax
  • Wood ready to burn NOW
  • Quantity selection
  • Delivery on the first floor included
  • Stacking included
  • Low moisture content
  • No bugs
  • Easy to light, Burns Bright
  • You Want Good Firewood
  • We store our wood in a heated garage - let us know if you find someone else that does that

that equals the best firewood in Boston.

If large quantities of wood are needed for home heating the decision probably tilts toward seasoned firewood purchased way in advance, and we respect that decision. It makes sense and a different company would be the one to contact since all we provide is kiln-dried it is a different business model than what we do.

Why we fell our wood is best

All the factors listed above gives you the start to the picture. But that it does not communicate is the attitude of the company and how we do business. Year round full-time focus on good burning firewood is what we do. We have never run out and keep increasing our capacity. Then we back it up with our money back firewood guarantee. Who in Boston backs their offer with that? This is putting our money where your mouth is.

Companies that generate cut wood convert it to firewood so that they eliminate a disposal cost and convert the wood to firewood that they have to get rid of before the next season or they will get jammed up for space. They are tree services, nurseries, mulch suppliers, landscapers, land clearing companies have the wood as a necessary evil, not their focus. These companies may not have alternative outlets for the wood. We only get the good wood for burning.

Lots to choose from boosts our quality

large stock piles of wood small DSC 9272All of our firewood comes from trees that are professionally harvested and supervised by professional foresters to protect the environment and promote regrowth. Almost all of the woods in New England have been totally deforested in the past. Now you would hardly know it which shows how this is a renewable resource and now is managed for sustainability. The change from a wood-fired rail and marine fuel removed the pressure on the forests.  In the selective cutting and thinning, the logs that are best for firewood. They are pulled out of the total flow of wood to be processed for firewood. The wood is selected for highest value and best use. The cut logs are sorted by the right hardwood species, size, quality,  to get only the very best logs to be processed for firewood. They then go to be stockpiled at the wood processor to be cut for firewood before drying. 

Firewood Processing

A big part of getting a fair measure of wood is based on consistently cutting the wood to the correct length of 16".  An inch off each piece of wood in a cord can add up to reducing the volume of wood three percent and is not fair to the customer. The whole issue of measuring wood accurately happens in the whole flow of wood from the forest to the fireplace. We do the final sorting of the wood when it reaches us to make sure it is the right length.

Clean Wood Handling

single bin small 20160301 151718 EditFrom word processor forward in the process the wood is kept up off the ground and under cover so it stays clean, dry and away from dirt and mud. After being cut to size the wood is loaded by conveyor into metal bins that have legs on them and be able to stack the bins. The working area is all paved to also help keep things clean. The interesting little-known fact is the wood never gets touched directly by human hands. It is all done with hydraulics every step of the way till we sort it. Amazing what it would take if the equipment was not available. Bringing wood into the house that has been split and then exposed to mud and bugs just transfers the contamination into customers home. 

Kiln Drying of Firewood

bins kiln dried firewood loading kiln smallPassing wood through a kiln does not make for high-quality firewood. Our wood in the kiln has a sensor buried inside sample logs communicating with the control room to monitor temperature and moisture making sure the wood is dried like you would check a turkey cooking with a thermometer to cook it right. Airflow around the wood is controlled in multiple directions to facilitate drying removing the dense fog that is created and the sap flowing across the bottom of the kiln from the wood. The floor is fitted with drains to pull the water out. Until you see how much water comes running out of a loaded kiln proves that tons of water are in fact in the wood. For those who have not seen a kiln up close, it really is a big oversized oven that holds a lot of wood. Some run on wood waste others are run on propane, but both dry the wood so it burns well. When drying is complete it is stockpiled for delivery.

After the kiln

Storage of the wood is undercover to keep any rain or snow off it since so much effort is put into drying the wood. Next, it comes to use and gets stored in our heated garage for storage and wrapping in bundles prior to the firewood concierge having the firewood boy deliver it to you and stack it. Part of our quality in the product is you know how we go about getting wood for people in the Boston area and make sure it is right.

Random Sampling

We go through the wood periodically with a moisture meter to make sure the wood is as dry as it should be. It is very rare that there is a problem we test the wood both externally and by splitting pieces to check the internal moisture content. The whole effort is to keep the wood the best possible firewood in Boston. Call Paul at 781-254-2773 and as someone used to say "try it and you will like it" then we add or your money back.