A sample of kiln dried firewood burning in a fireplace.
A video shot one Sunday evening having dinner with friends
and watching TV with the fire burning providing a warm glow.
There is a difference in how the fire starts and burns.
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Kiln Dried Firewood Burning in the Fireplace Video - Boston Firewood.com
Kiln dried firewood burning in the fireplace....

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Our Wood is Stored Indoors

Our wood is as dry as or drier than the day it came out of the kiln – great for good-burning fires.


Got Stairs?

We climb stairs and deal with elevators so that we can stack the wood in the place you want it. Let us know so we come prepared.


No Place To Park

We do not dump and run. We park and unload the wood for you so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with meters or blocking the road.

Romantic Warm Fires

As "The Firewood Concierge,” we pay close attention to getting the highest-quality firewood so you don’t have to work at keeping the fire going.

Kindling Included

Processing, bundling and delivering firewood produces kindling-sized pieces that we bag and give to our customers to start their fires with, as any good Firewood Concierge would do.

Kiln Dried Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Kiln-Dried Firewood Supplier Boston Ma

We are a supplier of kiln-dried firewood in Eastern Massachusetts with a different approach: no-labor fires. We know you want a nice warm fire to relax in front of while you sit back and enjoy life. You aren’t the do-it-yourself lumberjack out there who has the time and access to woods to cut and haul your own firewood. To get from the forest to the fireplace, you have to handle each piece of wood about 10 times. We provide firewood "concierge" service. Scouring New England, we find sources of quality kiln-dried wood that consistently lights and burns well. Then we go the extra step. You call us and we place the wood neatly where you want it, stored close to the fireplace. Parking, alleys, stairs, basements, hallways and elevators are no problem. The only heavy lifting required for you is picking up the phone and calling us. Leave the rest to us. We will always deliver the amount you ordered, plus some.

We are Available for Questions

Face Cord Of Firewood the Dimensions Explained


Face Cord Of Firewood Boston What is a Face Cord the Dimensions Explained. Ordering firewood customers often can not picture what a face cord of firewood looks like Paul Fulmour explaining what a face cord of firewood being stacked up with a full cord of wood for scale. For more firewood videos visit our video directory


Thank you for your inquiry!

Our Price is listed further down on this page

First floor delivery is included we can do more let us know first though.

The video is here to show you how our wood burns burns brightly less smoldering and smoking. Since the wood is uniformly dry it is easy to light.

We hope we can be of service.

Below is our pricing. We have no idea how much you know about us or have seen on our website so in addition to our price we would like to tell you a quick view of our company, service and pricing details.

delivery truck smallOur delivery truck Getting firewood in the city can be a difficult thing to do, but we are company dedicated to make this one of the easiest tasks you have ever performed. We are not just selling firewood we are focused on providing a convenient quantity of high quality kiln dried firewood for burning in the fireplace. We take the labor out of having romantic fires by putting the wood where you want it stacked neatly. Included in the price is first floor delivery or any place a wheelbarrow can reach. Please let us know if elevators and flights of stairs are involved. Stacking means avoiding the labor of lugging the wood and can easily measure the stack to know you got the right quantity of wood that you ordered. No guessing by looking at a pile dumped in the driveway.

When you want to have a fire, you want firewood to be readily available and burning well not a boy scout experience of survival in the woods of hunting and gathering wood that will burn. We do this by providing dry wood quality firewood.

Our firewood is consistent mix of native hardwoods that has been dried in a computer controlled kiln to reduce the moisture content of the wood to between 15 to 20% moisture content. Green wood is usually about 60% water. Seasoned wood can be a vastly different variable product based on how it is handled and the supplier. We take the variables out by selecting the right wood, dry it to a known amount and store it indoors all the time till it gets to you.

bundled firewood smallBundled firewood ready to be stacked with bag of kindelling

The bottom line is to provide wood fuel for your fireplace that does two things it lights easily and burns brightly the way a nice warm fire should do. Additional featurs are;

  • Our Kiln Dired wood does not smoke a lot
  • It is safer since it does not create a lot of soot and creosote in your chimney
  • There is not a lot of popping hissing and sparks from water being driven out of the wood
  • Certified bug free so not transporting tree disease or pests.
  • Seasoned wood stored outside in a field can be wet, moldy, buggy, and musty have dirt, fungus in and on it
  • Bugs that inhabit inhabit seasone wood can end up inhabiting our home.
  • Our wood can be stored inside so it is convenient to the fireplace and replenishing it all evening.
  • Kiln dried it burns consistently providing more heat since it does not have to dry as it burns
  • Our wood can give up to 35% more heat output than seasoned wood.
  • Households will also find that they go through less kiln dried firewood, as it takes several wetter, regular logs to create the heat and energy produced by a single kiln dried log.
  • We manage all the details and the labor from the forest to your fireplace.

bundle kindling smallBag of kindeling Since we are focused on service not volume we sell kiln dried firewood in convenient quantities that fit what you need and have the space to store.

Our prices are as follows;

  • 1/3 of a cord $300
  • 1/2 of a cord $450
  • 1 Full Cord $850

Also included in this is are the following;

  • Delivery in our service area
  • Stacking of the wood at ground level have - stairs let us know we can accommodate you
  • A good sized bag of kindling

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Not sure it is worth it? We challenge you to try it you will like it; the difference is consistantly brighter and warmer.

We look forward to being of service to you. So, our concierge service can help you enjoy the radiant heat from the fire that offers you the feeling of comfort you desire;

  • Peaceful
  • Romantic
  • Social
  • Relaxing / Meditation

Our goal is to provide Better Wood, Better Fires, Happier Customers

Thanks For considering us! Paul Fulmore - Bostonfirewood.com

Call Paul @ Call 1-781-254-2773 or send an email to paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements or use our contact page.