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How much is a truck load of wood?

When a supplier talks about a truckload of wood not cords keep in mind that you really do not know what volume of wood being offered and is not a verifiable measure of firewood. The average pick up can only handle approximately a half cord of wood. No one can carry a cord of wood in a standard pickup truck. A cord is high by four by eight feet long it is a lot of wood that can weight up to 4,800 lbs. The pickup would need to be loaded over four feet high with wood. Most standard pickups can't safely carry the weight of a full cord.

A ford heavy duty truck model like an F 250 or F 350 has a body dimension of 20 high and 96 inches long. So a cord of wood stacked in the body would be 28 inches above the sides of the body and probably higher than the cab. The payload capacity of a 2017 Ford F 250 is from 3,305 to 4,267 lbs so you would be overweight and rally squatting down in the back. If the firewood dealer shows up with a Ford F140 the payload capacity is 1,621 to 2,329 lbs. If he is selling a cord of firewood that is an outright scam that is not even arguable.

Naturally, this varies if the sides of the truck are not raised on the side to carry a good volume of wood in one trip. Also, the actual model of truck affects the body size and it’s carrying capacity. This is not a standard of measurement in the state of Massachusetts. In the State of New York, they have defined a truckload of wood to be  9ft x 9ft x 3ft so that cannot be stacked that way on a pickup. 

When you get the wood and have stacked it in some other dimension you can go to our firewood calculator and put in the specific dimensions you have and easily convert it to cords of wood.

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