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Breeo Fire Pit Dealer

Boston firewood is a Breeo fire pit dealer with X Series 24 Smokeless stainless steel Fire Pits in stock. These firepits have a sear ring included ready for immediate purchase so you can have a great smokeless fire this evening. We have the perfect combination of the best kiln-dried firewood that is ready to burn the day you buy it and the Breeo fire pit that is the best smokeless fire pit in the world and is 100% made in the USA. This combination of quality kiln-dried wood and the award-winning Breeo stove is perfect for backyard campfires and over-the-fire cooking, bringing outdoor adventures to you every day. Here is a video explaining more information on receiving this award. The X24 is the medium size Breeo Firepit, with room for 4+ chairs and a 5 in. SearPlate rim. These firepits are portable so you can bring the adventure with you to the cape or the mountains or socializing at a friend's house with your fire pit. The stainless steel Breeo X24 is Bold. Durable. Solid. A stainless-steel fire pit is built to last and to bring warmth, relaxation, and great cooking to your outdoor space creating a social focal point to the outside of your home.

We have traveled all the New England states and beyond to find the best kiln dried firewood and provide kiln dried firewood that burns right. It is firewood that you can buy today and burn it right away. We have now added a firepit that our customers told us we HAVE since the combination would be great. The quality of any product we sell is the most important thing to us, and we know it’s paramount to our customers, too. That’s why the fire pits we sell are made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Over generations and generations, Lancaster farmers and craftsmen have built a reputation for quality that is directly reflected in the Breeo firepit. For over 10 years they have been working to provide the best fire pit that produces less smoke and has a more even cooking surface. So you get a great-looking fire, with the ambiance of being outdoors plus wood-fired cooking any time you want it.

Smokeless Fire Pits

x airflow technologyX Airflow technology at the bottom of the defines “smokeless” as an adjective “emitting, producing, or having little or no smoke.” The Breeo firepit is not 100% smoke-free, but this brand of fire pits does produce significantly less smoke and is within the category of smokeless products. The fire triangle states that for a fire you need to have Oxygen, heat, and fuel to create the exothermic reaction that is fire. So, when you add Boston firewood’s kiln-dried firewood to be burned in the Breeo firepit you are adding a high-quality fuel that will burn well due to how Breeo handles the oxygen flow. For camping and burning seasoned wood the smoke will be reduced as well as light better in the Breeo firepit since it provides plenty of oxygen during the entire burn time of a fire. The x Airflow technology. The Airflow technology expands the range of firewood you can burn if well-dried firewood is not available, but the smoke will increase as the moisture content of the firewood increases and the quality of the wood decreases.

Patented X Airflow™ Technology

The Breeo firepits have both the Patented X Airflow™ Technology and double-walled secondary combustion.

There are two parts to the X-Airflow technology. The first is the bottom of the firepit has the patented X Airflow™ system for primary combustion and good airflow to the base of the fire. This helps in lighting the fire and keeping a hotter fire till you let it run out of wood. After the fire is started and heats up the stove then you get the convection up the two walls of the firepit that provides secondary combustion to burn of smoke as it exits the firepit. This is how it works. As the walls of the fire pit heat up and hot air rises through the gap between the two walls. The air exits the wall cavity through the line of holes around the inside rim focusing the heat at the top of the firepit where the smoke and steam is about to exit. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and creates secondary combustion that reduces smoke and creates a hotter fire at the cooking surfaces. This also provides an even heat across the opening of the firepit. The hotter the sidewall of the Breeo is the better the afterburning of the smoke works. The benefit is a cleaner environment by preventing a smoldering smokey fire. With less smoke, so you can relax and enjoy the fire instead of playing musical chairs dodging the smoke as the wind shifts.

You can maximize the airflow

Even with patented airflow, the user can enhance the experience by having high-quality dry wood as the fuel source. The Breeo airflow system creates a superior burning environment. Then you can add to it by stacking the firewood in the firepit to help the airflow as you build and maintain your fire. What we mean by this is to crisscross the wood in the firepit. You always want to lay your wood perpendicular or across the wood around it. You want to avoid laying your wood side by side the way you would stack a cord of firewood. This lets the air circulate within the Breeo firepit.

Wood Selection

kiln dried firewood delivery truckAs a firewood supplier, we are biased to native kiln dried firewood from Northern New England and Pennsylvania. This will help you get a great fire each and every time since constantly monitor and testing the quality of our firewood. Please do not burn Softwoods like pine and cedar that have more sap and will emit an unpleasant aroma that can mix with the food if you are cooking. In addition to firewood, the Breeo stove will do perform well with Charcoal briquettes that have the advantage of being long burning. The advantage of the briquettes is they are normally bagged and easy to transport. The consistent size can help produce an even temperature. Breeo does not recommend using charcoal lighter fluid and similar products to start the fire. The recommend Using a natural Firestarter to prevent carcinogens and a nasty gas flavor or smell permeating from your fire and linger on the firepit.

Stoves in Stock

Right now, we have the X Series Stainless steel 24” Smokeless fire pits with the sear ring. The shine of 304 Stainless Steel or the architectural vibe of Corten Steel? Truth is, you can’t go wrong. Both metals will last a lifetime. Used in commercial kitchen appliances and automotive wheels and rims, 304 Stainless Steel is designed for sleek performance.

Features of the Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless stainless steel Fire Pit

This grade of stainless steel is primarily used for heavy-duty equipment, such as commercial kitchen appliances and automotive wheels and trim. Not all stainless steel is created equal. 304 stainless steel has a higher amount of chromium and nickel in the steel. Here is a link to see the different characteristics of 304 stainless steel vs 316 stainless steel. Most outdoor appliances are also made of 304 stainless steel. For fire pit construction 304 stainless steel is a better choice because 316-grade stainless fire pits rust at a much faster rate than a fire pit made of 304 stainless. Breeo claims that the 304 Stainless used in their firepits “will last for decades and bring a clean, sleek aesthetic to your space.”

Breeo Searplate 24SSBreeo with Searplate included for live fire cookingThe sear ring provides space on the rim of the firepit to cook and sear whatever it is you are cooking that requires higher heat than the Outpost™ adjustable grill can provide since it is higher from the flame. If you want to cook right on your fire pit, the SearPlate™ rim lets you sear a steak, burgers, fish, scallops, lobster, shish kebabs, chicken breasts, fish steaks, or fillets. Also consider using the SearPlate when cooking, small high-moisture-content vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, corn, asparagus, and onions, and fruit. For the adventurous, you can also cook bread and pizza, as well as cake and other desserts. We also have in stock the Outpost™ adjustable grill. The sear plate rim is 5 in to provide for the live-fire outdoor cooking experience.

The 24” Breeo firepit provides the advantages have an outdoor fire experience not just in the fireplace. Now the option is here to burn our kiln-dried firewood outside in a firepit that looks great and does not take up a lot of space and will last a long time. It is not a permanent installation so it can go with you to the cape in the summer and be moved around in a small space or a large estate in Weston. The stainless-steel fire pit is a fantastic centerpiece for your next gathering. It comfortably accommodates up to 7 people to just relax or cook while enjoying your outdoor space with an authentic fire, not a gas-fired flame that never changes. With these times of work from home and the desire to increase your comfort at home, the firepit will provide hours of enjoyment and an additional dimension to your home. Expand the use of your home with a stunning stainless-steel fire pit as a fantastic centerpiece for your next gathering.

Over the years Breeo has learned and improved the product to produce a high-quality firepit that will last. There are heavy-duty firepits that will last but they are much heavier and lack the portability that the Breeo fire pit has. This way if you want to take it on a trip or to a friends house you can as well as changing the layout of the yard just like you would rearrange the layout of the living room by moving a couch

The Breeo firepits are no longer coated. In the past, the old-style Breeo’s were coated with black high-temperature paint that would break down over time. The 2,000-degree fires over time would mess up the coating and soon the finish was not attractive even though it burned the wood fine it just did not look like a quality focal point for the yard.

The Breeo for Cooking

The Breeo is both a fire pit and a grill that cooks great with multiple fuels, not just firewood. After cooking you can sit down, eat and relax with the fire pit to enjoy both cooking and having the fire for friends getting together to enjoy the fun of outdoor living. The Breeo firepits minimize the need for dodging the smoke is so you can relax and talk with friends or daydream gazing into a fire that burns right. With the Breeo fire pit, it makes it easier to cook over an open fire. You get to bring fire, food, and people together.

Not only is the Breeo a great firepit for atmosphere and socializing the Stainless steel X24 with the sear plate is great for Live fire cooking. This would be the typical grilling of hamburgers, hot dogs, small meats, and large vegetables over an open fire. With the 5 in. SearPlate rim you can increase the range of cooking options to include all parts of a meal. For the outdoor chef, you can be outdoors with friends and experiment with a full range of options that can range from things like bacon and eggs even to cakes as well as the tried and true Smores.

The outpost grill

The outpost grill is designed to add an adjustable grate and so that you can grill food over the fire for direct or indirect heat at different heights from the fire. It has a patented post locking system for the outpost grill and the X 24 firepit. This creates the option for adjusting the grill height over the flame or adding a hanging kettle. The ring on the firepit has openings for the grill post to go into the anchor point system to lock it in place for a grate or post to hang a kettle.

Interested in a Breeo fire pit? Please call or visit our stove store here in Boston, MA. We are in the Hyde Park section of Boston not far from the metro west suburbs of Boston. The Breeo is set up to take a look at in our stove store. Visit us and you can see for yourself the quality features of this product. Our customers tell us they want a quality product that will last and the ability to extend the outside season

Here in Boston you can get great burning wood, a Breeo fire pit, and have a great fire immediately. Our fire pits bring people together to enjoy an outdoor fire, cook great food, and creates memories that will last. Call for a Breeo firepit that is in stock here in Eastern Massachusetts. For information please call 781-254-2773.