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Frequently Asked Questions - Buy Firewood

FAQs - Buy Firewood

Things to consider when buying firewood.

This wood is stored on a paved surface and then indoors so no dirt, bugs or other stuff that should not be there is not there.  The wood is hand sorted so only uniform correct pieces are supplied to the user.  We have looked at each piece before it is delivered. The scraps and broken pieces are separated out of what we sell. These small pieces are collected put in bags for kindling. With each delivery at least one bag of kindling is supplied with each order.

People who are busy and do not have the time to go out and be Paul Bunyan in the forest. Really it is for also for people that want a service of getting firewood having a luxurious fire but not the labor involved in getting and stacking the wood.

For kiln dried firewood it is Boston Firewood. And we are biased, but if you are skeptical try and small quantity and see for yourself.

 The wood is all cut close to +/- 16” and split to convenient size. The sizing is kept uniform by the equipment used and large pieces are harder to dry. theree are no big chuncks they are easy to handle. This helps produce a consistent burning fire.